Installing Epson Stylus C45 on Ubuntu

Sometimes I hate google for showing up all outdated mailing-lists as an answer to something that was quite easy to fix (with the help of slimdog360 here). Anyway, this problem is highly unlikely to occur and I’m just posting this hoping that Google will catch it, and maybe serve it up as a result to some other fellow in my situation.

Frankly, once I had recreated the normal conditions (my confused and crazy upgrade of Breezy to Dapper resulted in breaking more than I knew about) the installation time for the printer was 20 seconds or less. Awesome, I wish I could’ve taken advantage of that. Next time I swear I’m making a clean install.

Spike Milligan

Spike Milligan, my kind of poet, amusing, fun and simple.

Said Hamlet to Ophelia,
I’ll draw a sketch of thee,
What kind of pencil shall I use?
2B or not 2B?

I met Jesus on the tram. I said ‘are you Jesus?’, he said ‘I am’.

He’s a genius I tell you, a genius. A nice reprieve from some serious stuff. I recommend that they include some Milligan in my college English book. He’s not always such a cheerful fellow, read “The Soldiers at Lauro” for a rather different mood. He was a soldier you know, poor Spike.

Oh, and here’s a PDF file of his works and yes it’s pinched from Poem Hunter.

Flock – Firefox with inbuilt blogging, photo uploading and more

I was going through another browser fight article which detailed why one browser was better than the other and stuff like that, when I came across a link to Flock. Since the beginning of time I’ve tried many Mozilla-based different browsers including the original Mozilla, the now-transmogrified Firebird and the spin-off Seamonkey, and though they were nice, they were basically improved version of one basic idea, simply, browse the web. Firefox later got the WebDeveloper’s extension and some nice things. Yet, in essence, it’s still just a browser.

Flock, on the other hand, seems to be designed with interactivity in mind (probably keeping in mind the new buzzword, Web 2.0).

So what’s Flock got that Firefox doesn’t?

  • A lovely blue theme as default
  • Right click on a page and Click “Blog This” and you can blog to your WordPress, LiveJournal, Typepad, Drupal, and many others.
  • Upload photos directly from your browser. (I like this very much, would love it if it allowed Imageshack)
  • A very pretty newsreader, which is very functional
  • You can automatically share your favourites on certain pages
  • Search as you type in the Search box (I wish it would use Google, but Yahoo is ok)
  • Comes default with a one-click “add favourite” button that fits in nicely
  • I can testify to it working on FC4 and Ubuntu (not quite a feature, eh?)

So what’s wrong with it? Why not just use it instead of Firefox, it has all of Firefox’s features too, right?
Well, the biggest problem with flock now is, most extensions and themes from Firefox are incompatible with Flock, they just don’t work or cause problems. That’s a biggie and I don’t see it becoming big until that’s solved.

Still, I’ll be watching Flock, it is a good idea, I like it, and maybe I’ll get it when it reaches 1.0

Firefox day, and the Firefox Friends Wall

One thing you’ve got to give to whoever runs the Firefox Marketing campaign, he’s given it omnipresence. You can’t go 4 clicks around the web without hitting a “Firefox” button (unless you happen to be getting Windows Update, greater of the two evils) on some site, without having some Firefox referral button stuck in your face, without getting a “This looks best in Firefox” line at the bottom of the page.

And from the makers of the Firefox Marketing Campaign and the Google Firefox Referral plan, comes another blockbusting gimmick, the Firefox Friends Wall. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a brilliant idea, heck, a year ago, I’d have even wanted to participate like mad, but now, after month upon month, and page upon page of Firefox, I’ve had enough. I use Firefox, I like it, having to be told that I should use it when I already use it is getting annoying. And on top of all that, we have this über-gimmicky Friends Wall campaign. Phew!

Ah, wait, I just found something interesting, I can choose “Roshan” enlightened somename. Enlightened, indeed. I changed my mind, I like it.

Censorship, politics, Geocities, blogspot, and “Intelligence” and how to bypass restrictions

UPDATE: Blogspot is no longer blocked. I can access it. But I can no longer access Free Proxy.

Apparently, some Indian ISPs have blocked Geocities and Blogspot from being accessed, because of “security reasons”. Interesting stuff. Anyway, just spreading the word.

Here’s a nice useful list:

Also, some other ways to bypass the ban include using tunneling clients like:

Stupid stupid people. “Intelligence” indeed. Hahaha. They seem to have foot-and-mouth disease (the variant strain where the foot is always in the mouth). I challenge you to be stupider than that.

Flash Science fiction at 365 tomorrows

The archives page with one of my favourite stories.Back last year (somewhere around September), Marc pointed me to a site where this team of writers post one short sci-fi story a day. The aim was to have one such a short story a day for a year (hence the name, 365 tomorrows). Since then, I’ve been sure to read these stories as often as I can, and some of them are really wonderful, clever ideas, good prose, nice stuff. The best part is that these stories are real short (one page or less) and yet most of them pack one helluva punch.

The whole thing should’ve ended on July 31st after one year of good writing. However, early this month, the authors announced that they’d be doing this for one more year. 365 more tomorrows! Woohoo!

My two greatest favourites (I loved the rest, but these stood out so much that I still remember their names):

Other links:

PS: Hey Ipe, I hope this interests you some atleast.

Google Earth and Madras Christian College

Google Earth is beautiful! And it works perfectly on Linux! What does this mean? It means I can finally use it to have a nice look at everything through some nameless eye-in-the-sky. It means I can finally see which route is actually shorter. It means I can stare at the heads of nameless people at Trafalgar square! Lovely!

Well it’s fun, but unless there’s something I can download or look at to get the road names overlaid onto my maps of Madras, I sure am not going to be using GE for anything serious. It’s pretty much useless for all that unless you’ve got super-perception that allows you to discern extremely tiny details that aren’t there.

The picture in the post is a GE image of my college.

Also, I’ve noticed that Google Earth does not have a proxy setting inbuilt in the Beta for Linux. But it does use the environmental settings to access the proxy. In my Dapper build, there seems to be the little trouble of the proxy setting not using the authentication details. You will have to enter the details in the “System >> Preferences >> Network Proxy” dialog in the form:
username:password@proxyaddress and then the port
My proxy for example is set as:
srdmorhper:password@ Port: 80
If you want to see if your proxy is set properly, type
echo $http_proxy
in the terminal.
In my case, the above command displays:


The instant messaging story

It’s been done, finally! The most requested feature that every Yahoo! and MSN lacked is finally here. You can chat with Yahoo! friends using MSN and vice versa. A copy of the Windows Messenger that allows this is available here.

For the rest of us people behind restrictive firewalls, there’s still Meebo which supports Jabber in addition to the other two IM clients. Unfortunately, there still seem to be some issues with conferencing between users of MSN and Yahoo on meebo.

If you want a client that connects to AIM, Jabber, Yahoo, MSN and ICQ you’ll still find the Yahoo! and MSN Messengers lacking. In that case, I’d suggest you go with GAIM or Trillian.

Cataloguing searches?

I was looking around for an explanation of how awstats calculates its “Add to Favourites (estimated)” field and I came across an interesting site, with a very interesting idea. Basically, what this guy does is catalogue all the answers to his searches, which I think is a brilliant idea. It could save so much time of digging through manuals if you manage to hit his site with a search. As the case was, that page pretty much answered my question.

Why Zidane butted Materazzi

From the Guardian,

According to the BBC, Materazzi said, “I wish an ugly death to you and all your family,” and then told Zidane to “go fuck yourself”.

If you ask me, this is a sad end to Zidane’s career (he announced that this would be the last he would play in competitive football), and though I can understand him getting angry, I do not condone his reaction. Unfortunately, Materazzi got just what he wanted by making Zidane angry. It’s sad, and it frustrates me that one of the best players we’ve ever seen has to go out this way.

Au revoir Zizou, vous êtes un dieu toujours.

UPDATE: Each passing day involves another lip-reading expert making another decision on this.
UPDATE 2: Zidane’s explained what happened.