Football, Germany, and Klose.

This video of Klose is a perfect example of his brilliance. 4 years ago at the World Cup in 2002, I judged him harshly, thinking he was a one-trick pony only capable of using his head (no wait, I meant it as in, “only capable of heading the ball”). The way he’s played since then has made me look like a nutcase for having said that. Oh well, that’s perfectly fine by me, and a good enough reason to watch Werder Bremen play.

In this World Cup alone, I’ve learnt what a horrible judge of footballers’ talent I’ve been. Lucky it has no effect.

The World Cup itself has been a bit dissappointing, particularly because I didn’t get to see Brazil v Germany again. That match would have been interesting, especially since the German team at this World Cup plays such an interesting game (something you wouldn’t expect from the old one).

EDIT: I just saw Schweinsteiger’s goals and woah, is that guy a holy sniper or what!

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