Soft Drinks and Pesticides

After 3 and a half years it’s back again, the whole “soft drinks have pesticides” issue. The funny thing here is that no one did anything back then and no one is going to do anything now. Nice try Mr. NGO, but it’s the government who can decide on regulations.

So while the Government Man is sitting on his ass dithering, the United States warns that India won’t get any foreign investment the way it’s acting. As much as I hate to identify particularly with any single country, I live here, and this sure as heck annoys me. So anyway, here’s what the BBC says,

A US official has warned India that bans imposed on soft drinks like Coca Cola and Pepsi could blight its hopes of attracting American investment.

Ah, ha, perhaps you mean,

Drink our poison, or we’ll choke you.

Interestingly, I haven’t touched a soft drink in many months (probably even a year) now. My water, though, is bottled by the same company that sells these drinks and I think I should be a bit careful now.

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