Little games I play with via graphics on linux

Some months ago I figured out just why I couldn’t get direct rendering in Ubuntu despite all the xorg settings being what other people had claimed worked. The big difference was that I was using too high a color depth and resolution and reducing that brought me into magic DR world again. So now I can finally play a couple of games on linux (the VRAM isn’t enough for too much, so only some simple 3d), and there’ve been so many in the repositories that’ve been fun.

Still, despite the low VRAM, there’ve been quite a lot I can play at the moment.

  • Unreal TournamentUnreal Tournament – Old favourite of mine, pulled out the CD, a little hop over to Loki Installers for Linux Games and the installation went smoothly and the game runs wonderfully. I’ve done the installation before on Red Hat 9, (I remember having to boot into Linux to play the game, Windows 98 only used to let me use UT Safe Mode whatever the settings), so maybe that’s why I didn’t have any hitches. The game runs really well, and is fun for a couple of matches now and then.

    My brother’s really taken to it, and lately I don’t hear as many snide comments from him about how ‘linux is useless’.

  • Neverball and Neverputt – These two come together in the neverball package in the repos, and frankly I liked Neverputt more than Neverball, though having your ball bounce all the way to the bottom from right near the goal hole was really annoying, though there is consolation in watching your little brother replicate that.

  • X Moto – Haha, this game is hilarious, and really lots of fun…until you get stuck at some level or the other. You control a guy (who exhibits weird ragdoll physics) on a little motocross bike and try to collect strawberries (waypoints sort of) and then get to a flower (the end mark). The funniest part is the way the guy works, leaning in front just when you don’t want him to, bouncing his head into the wall just when you think you’ve cleared and other crazy stuff.

  • Cannon Smash – A pong game. No, real pong, ping pong, table tennis. Pretty cool, interesting way of playing the game. It’s fun, hard in the beginning, but the default difficulty is pretty easy soon after you figure out how to play the game. Switching the player style means you have to relearn how to play though, because each style uses different ways of scoring.

  • Scorched 3d – Back in the day, there was Scorch (Scorched Earth), and we used to use a complex sequence of methods to get the triple-turreted tank. Scorched 3d is the 3d version of that classic tank game. It looks pretty good, and plays well, but aiming can get tough at certain angles …and where’s my ‘lazy boy’ targeting?

  • Chromium – Chromium B.S.U Ah Chromium, the first game I ever played on Linux, back in the day when I still used the old Red Hat 8, ah, good times. This one is good, very professional looking at all stages. I just wish it had a little more variation. That’s the only thing missing, after a couple of months of playing it whenever you need a little break you get bored of it. There’s not much variation in enemies or weapons, but it looks good and the only reason you would want to play it is because you wanted a short break from working on whatever you’re doing. I start it up sometimes, but it gets rarer and rarer every day.

  • Frozen Bubble – Remake of that classic game where you shoot coloured bubbles at an array of other coloured bubbles and your objective is to make them drop by sticking 3 of the same colour together. Gets really hectic playing with another player and with ‘chain reaction’ on.

That’s as much as I can remember off the top of my head. I’ll add in some screenshots later.

Oh, and for those who came here for Via. Direct Rendering was supported out of the box in Dapper for me, but if you use too high bpp and resolution it’ll get turned off. Mine works fine at 1024*768 and 16 or 24 bpp and it’s a VT8378 Unichrome.

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