GeoURL is this huge ( some 1.4 million ) database of sites and their geographical location, and it’s searchable so you can find all sites based near a certain place. Be aware that it isn’t the location where the server is located but where the site is about. For example, though my server isn’t located in India,‘s location is listed as 13.0449056°N, 80.2514083°E .

Naturally, something like this is just asking to be integrated with Google Earth, but since that isn’t possible, we’ll take the next best thing. A little application located here makes a KML file that you can import into Google Earth. Of course, there are the usual liars who’ll place their sites in Antarctica. What brilliance! They are l33t haxxørs who’ve owned the system! Kudos to them for having broken into such a secure system. But, unless you really want to know what sites are about people from Antarctica, I don’t think you should have any trouble there, yes?

His Pigginess’ Scout Commander falls

For those among us who still remember and await his inevitable true return, this is just a sign of the horrors and atrocities our enemies perpetrate, and it only serves to strengthen our resolve. No being, pig or man, kills a Scout. That was blasphemy, madness on their part. Remember my comrades, war is evil, but it is now the lesser evil. Those who take the tusk perish by the tusk, and those who don’t take the tusk perish by smelly diseases.

This is their propaganda, look hard so you know that they are no different from us, except that they are uglier, and evil.
May his soul rest in eternal piss.

HowTo: Mark a large number of comments as spam in WordPress

Taking a cue from bindanaku here I finally got rid of all the spam filling up my moderation queue. Now the search begins for how to block a particular phrase.

This is the MySql query I used. I had to go to CPanel and then find phpmyadmin. From there it’s obvious where to type this in.
UPDATE `wp_comments` SET `comment_approved` = 'spam' WHERE `wp_comments`.`comment_approved` ='0' LIMIT 5

Or if you’re particular about which IPs you want to ban:
UPDATE `wp_comments` SET `comment_approved` = 'spam' WHERE `wp_comments`.`comment_approved`='0' AND `wp_comments`.`comment_author_IP` LIKE '62.213%'

If you want to delete stuff, use: DELETE from `wp_comments` WHERE [your conditions]

Naturally, one changes the limit to the number of spam messages. The reason this needs to be done is that the moderation page refuses to open past 6000 in the queue or so. I had 16,900 when I finally managed to get rid of them. Yes, I have Akismet installed and no, I won’t install Captcha codes, people hate filling in captcha codes and the few comments I have may dissappear.

Colukabki and 5th year Mechanical Engineering students

I have no clue how this came about but let’s see:
1. There are 4 years in engineering, no?
2. The disease has a total of 18 infected people in the world? And it’s caused due to depression? Leave him alone and evolution will fix the issue.
3. Colu is the Tamil word for kill.
4. We’re all Zulu.

Quite obviously, the following is fraud, for the above reasons, not counting that it’s the same format as the oldest forward on the net, the cancer baby who’s alive and well.

IIT Bombay student Anupam Biswas 5th Year Mechanical Engg is suffering
from Colukabki (caused due to excessive nabad and depression) a disease
very rarely found (3 in a billion). His condition is very pathetic and
the treatment is very expensive, obviously his parents are not able to
afford his treatment. Orkut has agreed to pay 1 paisa after each time
this message is forward. So please pass to all ur friends.

please i request you to pass it to as many people as u can and lets try
to save someone’s life.
I request please do not ignore this. It will take < 1 min from ur life to help saving someone's life

Now, we shall analyse why exactly people forward this stuff. Here is my idea:
« People like to think they’re doing something nice, sort of like an insurance policy against bad. It’s the “I didn’t deserve such bad things! I’m a nice guy! I forward all chain letters I get about saving people’s lives!” syndrome. Quite interesting, really. One is willing to help as long as one does not have to put in much effort.

“It will take <1 min from ur (sic) life …” There’s the key! It won’t take long, so help! If it took more than a minute I can understand that you can’t take time off your busy schedule. » Cute, no? Incidentally, how many times is the phrase “take time off your busy schedule” used every day? Thousands? Millions? Ridiculous phrase. The next time someone tells me to give a ( the phrase escapes me, thanksgiving speech? word of thanks? ) , I shall tell the person, “Thank you for taking time off from your boring and unfulfilling life to waste the time of our boring, unfulfilling lives. We appreciate it, and hope you will do this every day of our lives for the sweet rapture that your words lay upon our docile minds doth invigorate and inflame our tepid blood!” . I think this is why I never get to give those speeches. Ah well, a man can hope. Oh, and here’s another little fact. Once wordpress crosses 9,000 comments in moderation, it refuses to open the page. 9,000 in a day. Now, I have 14,000 comments in moderation and it can only get worse. I wish bots read the advertisements though, that would be some consolation. As for those zealots who are always looking for fodder against Windows, nearly all of those bot hits are from Windows machines. Oh, and 66,000 in Akismet spam, in two days. This is a fine joke. Whoever did this, you will pay! No wait, who am I kidding, amend that to, you will get away!

Children of Húrin

Front CoverChildren of Húrin is a book that was started by J. R. R. Tolkien and finished by his son Christopher. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of Christopher Tolkien, but then I was put off by his History of Middle Earth. In any case, he’s responsible for a lot of The Silmarillion, so he must be good. I saw Children of Húrin for sale in Odyssey (in Gandhinagar) for more than 400 rupees, but that was just the hardcover. I think I’ll wait for the paperback to come out, which should probably cost less. Anyone want to share the cost with me? It’s only a 140 each for 3 people. The story seems rather promising:

From The Tolkien estate:
The Children of Húrin takes the reader back to a time long before The Lord of the Rings, in an area of Middle-earth that was to be drowned thousands of years before the story of the Ring, and when the great enemy was still the fallen Vala, Morgoth, and Sauron only his lieutenant. This heroic romance is the tale of the Man, Húrin, who dared to defy Morgoth’s force of evil, and his family’s tragic destiny, as it follows his son Túrin Turambar’s travails through the lost world of Beleriand.

I’m back, but I’m going again.

As you can plainly see, I’m in Madras once more. However, that is only temporary. I shall be visiting Kodaikanal now. In another hour I shall be leaving. So now, before I forget, I think I had better mention what happened this morning.

As soon as I woke up, there was this image plastered in my head. Pretty funny. It showed this cow looking up out of a ditch and two stick figures looking down at it from the edge, while sitting with their legs dangling over the edge and then one of them turns to the other and says, “A bovine in a ravine.” and the other says, “Cravin’ for savin’.” I think it’s an omen. As Marc’s blog once said, “Cow, I am dog.” .

Good, now some mention of something needin’ attention, here we go. There’s this radio place that actually works for me. How happiness! Much is link giving. So is link giving now.

Many thanks to these peoples and many victories to Simon and Garfunkel. “…the words of the prophets \ Are written on the subway walls \ And tenement halls. ” Truth that. :D

Goodbye, and fun having!

Oh and, please disable your adblock when here, will ya? That’s what’s paying for my subsistence (read: computer equipment) .

Photos of the Götheburg

lateralbow-thumb.jpgside-thumb.jpglateralstern-thumb.jpgI have a couple of photos, but I shall post only two because that way you don’t get to see how bad I can get at taking photographs. Well, actually that’s not a very good reason. The actual reason is, my younger brother will charge royalties because he’s in the rest of them and he’s greedy.The only person greedier than him is Marc, but Marc isn’t in these photographs, so all is well. For those who don’t know what this ship is, it docked in Madras in Jan and I was supposed to have put up these photos then. frontbow-thumb.jpgdecklifeboat-thumb.jpg insidecannon-thumb.jpg Here’s the blog entry on the sailing ship when it docked in Madras.

UPDATE: More photos! Behind the camera in the cannon shot there’s a crew member who makes sure no one goes running off into the carpenter’s section of the ship (which I thought was the kitchen). There are lifeboats on the deck and there are some neat looking barrels that look just like the ones in all the pirate movies except much less moldy. :D

Killer art!

There is no purpose. In an effort to totally confuse everyone over my sanity, I have decided to make a new avatar. This avatar won’t just be any avatar, it is hand drawn and is made by possibly the most talented artist this world has ever seen and is designed to make people doubt whether I am, in fact, what I really am. It is not only designed to show my creativity but also my leet hacking skills in making this gigantic animated file a mere 15 kilobytes in size. Fear me!

What-a-day! What a day!

So at something like one thirty, Pipe arrives at my place and after narrating tales of our disjoint pasts we decide to go play some basketball. Except it’s been so long since I’ve been to this court, I’ve no clue how it’s changed. Apparently it hasn’t been in use for a long while so there’s a wasp’s nest (wasp’s nest, but it doesn’t belong to just one wasp, wasps’ nest perhaps?) there and we don’t realise that until we start playing and I went for the rebound. Very nice.

So then we go back, fetch a couple of racquets and decide to play some shuttle badminton. Apparently I haven’t gotten too bad, though my backhand has receded to the level it was when I was three years old. So after a couple of games over some 50 minutes or so we left. Pipe then had to go pick up his sister, so I went along with him because he had an a/c in the car and because sitting at home alone is boring. This part was uneventful.

Later in the day, it suddenly struck me that I had forgotten to recharge Bikram’s SIM card and so he wasn’t very happy with me. He’s in Sikkim and can’t do it himself and he needs some validity to receive messages. Poor chap. I needed to give in my negatives for developing too, so I decided to drive down and see if I could do both. Strangely, all the mobile phone card shops near Mount Road and Anna Salai were closed at seven forty five. So I proceeded to the Kodak shop near Gemini (where the people are polite and stuff). On the way, some imbecile managed to scrape my car while I was stationary! I yelled at him solidly and now I know why people do it, it has a cathartic effect. What a moron! In any case, the nice fellows at Kodak were very helpful and I’ll be going to pick up the photographs tomorrow.

Oh and there are so many photographs! The trick of the novice photographer is to take lots of shots, that way at least some will come out nice :)