The Room that George lived in

They say a man can be judged by the way he keeps his surroundings. Well, no, they don’t say that, but I just did anyway. So now, you can authoritatively claim that ‘they’ said it. Lovely word, ‘they’. So anyway, images of my room to keep you amused, though it says a lot for you if you find rooms amusing. DSCN2730thumb.JPG
The board above the air-conditioner is useful for sticking stuff on to. There’s nothing I’ve got going right now that needs an entry there so all that’s there is a bunch of torn scraps of paper. The guitar is there because there’s nothing to ease a block like playing some music (at least I hope it’s music). The bag is my bag, nothing to say there. The books are the ones I’m currently reading and two I’m hoping to read:

  • My Name is Red – Orhan Pamuk: Yeah, this is taking ages. It’s rather slow.
  • Name of a Rose – Umberto Eco: Good book. I’m enjoying it so far.
  • City of Joy – D. LaPierre: Planning on reading. I’d just borrowed it from Bikram that day.
  • Being and Nothingness – J. Paul Sartre: The other one on the to-read list.
  • Couple of books on Stephen Hawking: Nearly finished one, yet to start the other.
  • One book I can’t recognise from the photo.
  • Economic and Political Weekly

The pillow against the wall is where I recline, with the laptop comfortably placed at arms reach at the right height. The black bag is the laptop case. The colourful cloth is a towel and the belt in the corner is a belt. That is my bedroom. My brother sleeps in another room and my parents in the room next to mine. The reason there are so many beds is that there’s just one air-conditioner and everyone but me crowds into this room to sleep when stuff gets hot. I just sleep in the heat.
This is the array of shelves which houses stuff that I need to grab quickly in case the government finally decides to send its men to get me, or in case I’m late to college. It’s also where the music collection is kept (other than the tapes and LPs which are kept elsewhere, besides I don’t want to listen to Bee Gees LPs and the tapes are rather old now, so I don’t pull them out any longer).

The book in the foreground is Suren’s and it’s part of Peter Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn trilogy (each book having two parts, making six real books) which is really good. Do not tell Suren you’re reading it or he’ll give you fake spoilers (I repeat this everywhere so that you may be warned that he is a dangerous being, not to be trusted). Other than that, the rest of the books are:

  • Two German-English dictionaries and some German instruction books.
  • Two guitar instruction books and one little anthology of some western classical music for the guitar.
  • Some of my notebooks from last semester and I’m not sure if that’s Differential Calculus by Ghosh & Maity or Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick, Halliday and Walker.
  • Two CDs, Bob Dylan and the other Paul Simon. That’s James Taylor on the lower shelf.
  • My wallet and watches, and the laptop charger. Also, my lovely Nokia 1100. I absolutely love this phone, it does exactly what I would expect a phone to do. I can message and talk and it has the least buttons of all the phones I’ve seen. When I replace it, I hope I can buy one just like this model.
  • There’s bonus points somewhere in the picture for the person who finds the Wheel of Time book.

The middle deck, with the remote, has the CD player and a large number of CDs. Also a couple of books and some guitar tabs for To Yelasto Pedi by Mikis Theodorakis (Sky 4 version, which I can’t find sheet music for, without paying. Heard it on cassette ages ago, and I could only recreate part from memory.) and Fade to Black – Metallica. The brown book is Absurd Drama, a collection of four plays that showcase drama of the absurd, good stuff. The cassette is The Ragpicker’s Dream – Mark Knopfler (the Dire Straits dude) and the cover contains the second book from the Discworld series. I found it in Landmark in Spencer’s the other day. I shall gift it to someone and then borrow it immediately :P

The drawer on the right is where I keep letters, notes (not my lecture notes), cards, and articles and poems that people hand over to me for the college newsletter. The drawer on the left contains god alone knows what. Those are my clothes on the floor, my favourite shirt! The door leads out to the balcony where the Lung Tas hang.

Ta-dah! That’s my room, and I love it but frankly, Bikram’s room back in Gangtok is the best place I’ve ever seen. On a cloudless day, you can see Kanchenchunga right outside the window and the view, oh the view! Lovely lovely.

13 thoughts on “The Room that George lived in

  1. First of all the bed looks like you just placed a lot of stuff on it for effect.

    And I must insist that I started the fake spoilers technique. In fact, I was the one who gave you the fake spoiler for that book. Abraham Lincoln indeed.

    What’s a Lung Ta?

    Thanks for the long blog update about your room, but I know you’re moving in a few months.

  2. Haha, yes it does. When I took the photo it looked okay. But without the whole room in it, it looks artificial. I realised when I was putting up the shot.

    No, no, Suren told me that the guy with the name like a sewer dies, as soon’s I finished the first book. And he’s the ‘hero’, so to speak.

    Wind Horse. Tibetan prayer flag. I’m Buddhist you know.

    Totally man. I’m totally moving.

  3. First of all the bed looks like you just placed a lot of stuff on it for effect. > HA AH AHA HAHAHHAHAHHA *EMMM*

    room looks very messy cosy and very little walking space..!

  4. To be fair, the bed’s not always that messy. It’s usually quite clean. Like I said, I was typing up some stuff, so the bag there is empty, and everything in it is on the bed.

    Walking space, oh yeah, barely any walking space. Oh, I forgot to put another photo from the other side, there are cupboards along the wall to the right of that first photo.

  5. Guy with a name like sewer? Anyway, Sid Adam and I (when we were in school) went for the final Matrix movie on the first day and then told everyone that Morpheus dies. Ha! That was fun.

  6. So every time you go to someone’s house you tell them the wonderful story of how you watched the last Brosnan Bond movie on the first day and didn’t feel like telling people fake spoilers?

    You are an interesting person, Marc.

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