The Room that George lived in – 2

DSCN2729thumb.JPGIn the absence of having anything else to talk about, I shall continue in this vein. I would’ve opened the windows when I took the photograph but it was raining at the time and the last thing I want is a wet bed in the corner that won’t dry. That and my books, books don’t like water. In this slide, class, we meet my venerable old cupboard. If you have the strength of a 5-year old at least, you can pull the handle clear from the door. Naturally, that doesn’t help you to open it, so you have to shove it back again and turn it the right way. Ah wells. On top of the cupboard is the empty box for the music player. Boxes are useful, especially when you’ll be moving.

The book rack contains most of my lecture notes and worked problems, but there are also a bunch of books (another Wheel of Time, in there), The Grundrisse – Karl Marx, two German textbooks and a couple of Reader’s Digests (right-wing nonsense, but the jokes are good) and a tape cleaning set I haven’t used in years. The green books are my English textbooks from college, and they have some nice poems and a couple of good plays. Worth keeping if only for that. Most of the books on the lower racks are covered with a thick layer of dust, I haven’t touched them in ages. The ones that are in pencil I sometimes reuse, because going out to the stationery store to get more notebooks is a pain in the ass. DSCN3885rotthumb.JPG This is one of the cupboards, there’s a shelf with a couple of binders on the top, above the drawer. In the drawer is part of my collection of tapes, some coins from a coin collection spree I went on a long time ago, a bunch of stamps in a stamp book and some emirates phone cards. Also, my original Airtel pack. Pink Floyd Fan Badge for the person who can spot the one album that’s there on top of this pile instead of in the bottom shelf of my table.

The shelf underneath the drawer contains some textbooks, some novels and the book I track library borrowings in (so that all are returned in time). There’s also a packaged photo frame, I have no clue why that’s there. At the back of that shelf are some books I haven’t read in years (like 2-3 years) and when I looked they were covered in a couple of millimetres of dust like some long forgotten archive. Find the Peter Hamilton book for a small prize.

The bottom shelf contains my brother’s collection of those small polybutadiene bouncy balls and the bag (I’ve opened it for your viewing pleasure) contains a couple of human femurs and one side of a pelvis. There are also a couple of tibias in there. At the back of the shelf is my collection of Hot Wheels cars from when I was a kid. Ah good times, we didn’t need much to keep ourselves amused then, did we? I used to play with this bunch of wooden blocks, sort of like lego, except no interlocking pieces. It was rather neat, the best part about building a three foot tower of wooden blocks was kicking it down, or rolling one of the cylindrical blocks right into the bottom block in case the whole construction is one of those little tricks where you’ve got only one wine-glass stem style pillar and everything else is built to balance it.

Oh and that reminds me of marbles, I’ve lost my marbles (heh heh) and I can’t find them anywhere. I had this lovely collection with these wonderful shapes inside, blue, green all colours. Oh, good times. There’s nothing like looking back at childhood, it’s always through rose-tinted glasses. Good times, good times.

10 thoughts on “The Room that George lived in – 2

  1. Who the hell do you think you are? Mahatma Gandhi? I don’t want a bloody tour of your house! Don’t make me bring out my old stuff, which are obviously way cooler than yours.

  2. He who? What is this all about? Gandhi can’t strike, it’s against his principles, unless of course you mean go on strike which is very in line with his principles.

  3. He will come like the darkness, atop his marauding beast to claim what is yours. Wooo…WOOOO… Ok, screw it. I’m not good at this.

  4. You take horrible photos. You don’t know how to set the focus, do you?

    Anyway, I want that rubiks cube. I was thinking of buying one but now I don’t.

  5. Ha ha, true, I didn’t focus it properly.

    That rubik’s cube is useless. Notice the black squares? Those are the result of me attempting the “pull off the stickers and stick them elsewhere” method back before I came to Madras, so that’s some 9-10 years ago.

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