Department Tour – Bangalore, Mysore and Coorg

Tomorrow we leave for Mysore for the first part of our department tour. I missed the last one because I just didn’t feel like going but this being the last year for me and all I thought, “Why not?” . So here I am, all paid up and ready to bunk my requisite two days of college. I was hoping we’d spend more time in cooler places (the original plan was Darjeeling), but I wanted to see Bangalore anyway and was planning to go this past weekend except when the time came I was broke. In any case, I’ll be leaving on the 14th, arriving on the 20th, so that’s 4 days of stuff to do. Yay! I like travelling, it’s lots of fun. As usual, I’ll be accompanied by my trusty still film Canon with rolls that cost 100 bucks each. Yeah, I can feel the pinch now

It’s been a very busy month, what with coming back from CMC Vellore at the beginning and then having to write exams that day and then going for the Fresher’s Auditions (some smart people there) and the College Auditions (this was nuts) and some other stuff. Seems like I’ll be missing Independence Day, but then I never put much store by that pointless ritual of saluting the flag. I’d do it, if only I didn’t have to do it with all those liars and thieves that claim to serve the people. Spoils the fun.

We’ll be back Monday morning and if I know my department they’ll be trying to get us to attend college that day. And if I know my classmates, they, the girls atleast, will. The guys probably won’t, except for one or two dedicated chaps. There’s this fellow who hates one class, so he attends every other class always, on time, never loses attendance and then when he’s calculated the number of days left is reasonable, he just won’t attend that class. Actually that was in the first year, with the Allied Physics class. Fascinating fellow. Clever. I tried that once, it ended with me just missing lots of classes because I used the “If I bunk this, no point attending that” logic which isn’t logic at all.

Anyway, see you on Monday!

UPDATE: Coincidentally, Marc has just posted saying that he won’t be going on his class tour because he doesn’t like the company. Ah well. Poor chap. My sympathies, Z.

11 thoughts on “Department Tour – Bangalore, Mysore and Coorg

  1. There’s nothing to see in Bangalore. A couple of buildings and such but the city is more interesting than Chennai. Mysore is just the usual palace and tourist traps. I really thought you were going to Darjeeling. Shame on you. Arts college students too.

  2. Yes, nothing to see in Bangalore but huge commercial complexes pretending to be temples (What a fraud! But the peda was good :)) and old science museums where half the knobs operating the machines don’t work, and large botanical gardens with uneven lawns. But Coorg was beautiful.
    Rather a nice trip, really.

  3. Ha ha, yeah, the ISKCON temple was rather funny. Every exit leads to a maze of shops selling everything under the sun.
    The uneven lawns were so funny. Like some bad barber had gone to work on them. It was like someone had sewn together a thousand tufts.
    The science museum was funny. Remember the telephones that were missing their receivers?

    @Marc: Well, we didn’t go there to see a rock concert, so I won’t say anything. All the good bands go there though. No one wants to come to Madras.

  4. The ISKCON temple has an aesthetic appeal. It’s a bit unconventional and a modern structure. They think this might transcend existing boundaries, not like some traditional temples in parts of Kerala and Tamil nadu that don’t allow Non-Hindus into the temple and discourage them. Besides they have some free meal schemes for the kids in the corporation schools. So I don’t mind their winding maze of shops unless they try to hawk it in your face.

  5. Aesthetic appeal?! It looks crazy! Like an elephant fused to the underside of a tortoise with a giant crystal on its back.

    They do have those meal schemes, so I won’t say too much about them. Hey, I did buy some overpriced peda, didn’t I? I bet that fed some kid somewhere.

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