The Statement

The Statement - Title ScreenAnother movie about people who escaped trial for their actions on the sides of the Nazis, you say. Well…almost, but worth a watch anyway. This one is about Pierre Brossard, a French Nazi Collaborator charged with ordering the execution of 7 jews who escapes from a jail with the help of the people in charge then. The Church shelters and assists Brossard for the next few decades and then suddenly one day there’s a guy out to kill him. The movie follows Brossard as he calls on everyone he knows in the churches he trusts in the hope that they’ll shelter him. It isn’t long before the Church washes its hands off him and he’s left to fend for himself though. That doesn’t stop him from being very holy, and he prays and crosses himself all the time, and when he can find a priest he asks for absolution.

The guy has one hell of an instinct for people with guns, it’s uncanny the way he always seems to notice when there’s a hitman after him (which is all of the time). The investigators are a judge and a colonel, funny pair. The colonel is strangely calm for almost the whole play, it’s like he’s been injected with some calm drug and the judge is just the opposite. It’s a nice movie, worth a watch.

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  1. Sunshine is worth a watch. It seems to be somewhat inspired by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter’s series. It seems like the third book is out, ‘First born’.

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