Wheel of Time to be finished

This man has an awesome task ahead of man. He must complete the Wheel of Time series: tie up each of the myriad story lines, satisfy hardcore fans of another man’s style, and continue characters with exaggeratedly crazy personalities. I don’t envy him his task. Whatever he does he’s going to be disliked by one bunch at least, the original snobs, people who will grumble even if he does it perfectly simply because he’s not RJ.

Man, what a series! After a while it just started to go on and on, and there was that 10th book, which was about just one day. The whole goddamn book was just one day. I’ll admit, I want more Rand Al’Thor and less braid-tugging and sniffing. He’s more fun, killing off his friends and shit, and moving time back and falling down dizzy. Yeah, pretty cool.

Ah well, I’ll be waiting. In the meantime, I’ll go look for his other books because he seems like a pretty nice chap [2]. That interview also just shows how old the series is. He read The Eye of the World when he was fifteen, for god’s sake. I remember reading it at the same age. How come I wasn’t asked to finish it?!

[1] Dragonmount article about the announcement.
[2] Dragonmount Interview with Brandon Sanderson

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