I have a new phone – A Nokia 3110 Classic

A few days ago, I posted about going to get a new phone. Well, now I did. I settled on the Nokia 3110 Classic, a completely unimaginative phone which does all sorts of completely normal things. I can’t believe everybody has all these features these days, so many options, so many settings. It doesn’t have much memory inbuilt, around 8.5MB or so, so I’ll have to go buy one of those 1GB microSD cards. Here’s how the phone looks:

The phone’s got a camera. I wasn’t particularly crazy about one and would have taken a similar phone without a camera if it cost less, but now that I have it, I’ll concede that it’s pretty useful. My digital camera, an old Nikon 995, is rather large and isn’t easy to carry around so it’s all cool. The phone has the usual GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth and supposedly works just fine with Linux though I have yet to try using it as a dial-up modem. It has completely average JBenchmark scores, so nothing to get excited about. I have to admit I like the idea of making lots of Hello World Java MIDlets :) Fits neatly in the pocket, has nice big buttons for messaging, works just fine. I’m happy.

The place I bought it at is called The Mobile Store and it’s here in Adyar, walking distance from my place. It was okay, quick service, they give you an envelope with a part to scratch for a prize. I got 100 bucks off my bill. Pretty funny considering that when I asked him about the student discount they’d advertised, he told me that the offer was over and that it was 2%. Same amount, funny.

8 thoughts on “I have a new phone – A Nokia 3110 Classic

  1. It’s pretty good. I like it so far, and I’m told it works perfectly with gnokii though I haven’t given it a shot yet. Compared to the 6600, well the 3110 runs a Series 40 OS, though, not the Series 60.

  2. I hear the keys are kind of clickety for that phone. True? How much did it cost?

    Anyway, I bought two cellphones from the same store about a month back, a Sony Ericsson W810i for myself and a Nokia 6233 for my dad. I got a scratch card too and won a domestic flight for each of the phones. Too bad I’ve got to pay the tax.

    Anyway, I kinda like my phone. Its got cool earphones that block out everything else. The bass is pretty good for such small earphones.

  3. Ah, I fun Family Package too, but the store isn’t accepting it :D

    I tried out the headphones just now, and mine are pretty average, nothing exceptional, but the sound seems like it’s coming from somewhere else, not from my headphones.

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