Playing Counterstrike Condition Zero over Hamachi through a router

Marc’s got his collegemates to join him for a nightly match of Counterstrike:Condition Zero by linking them all on a VPN using Hamachi. I joined them for a couple of days, it was quite a lot of fun, but after a while things got repetitive and I don’t feel like playing CS anymore, maybe another game, maybe Team Fortress Classic or Q3F, now that can be fun with a lot of people and there are more than 10 players now and then on the server. Or maybe we could all play an MMORPG. I don’t know, there’s not much to do stuck here at home. Them docs don’t even let me drive.

Getting Hamachi to work through a router:

Simple enough. First setting the Hamachi side:

  • Hit the gears icon to open the settings.
  • On the first screen there, you’ll see a ‘Detailed Configuration‘ button.
  • Hit that to get a screen which allows you to set which ports Hamachi uses.
  • Ask it to use a particular UDP port, say 13000. Then just save the settings.

Now to set up the router:

  • First go to the router’s setup page. Usually located at
  • Find your port forwarding page.
  • Set up a port-forwarding rule with the following settings:
    • Start Port: 13000
    • End Port: 13000
    • IP: Set this to your IP, my computer is so I set it to that
    • Check Enable
  • Now go disable your firewall. Don’t forget to enable it again once you’re done.

Now all you have to do is restart Hamachi and try connecting again.

After that, it’s best you follow Marc’s HowTo.


We also have a couple of stats programs running. Here’s how the StatsMe plugin looks like in-game:

And post-game, the PsychoStats program compiles the statistics into a MySql database to view at

12 thoughts on “Playing Counterstrike Condition Zero over Hamachi through a router

  1. Wow, really? How do you connect then, I mean, if you get your connection through the router surely you have to play over it. Unless you have an extra modem lying around.

    Now using your router to play is a different story. Imagine playing quake on your router, I mean I’m sure the processor and memory are sufficient.

  2. The problem is I have to distribute any other game to everyone. CS was easy because it’s only 700 mb and somewhat simple to run.

    Hahahaha, no way Quake will run on the router. Arun M manages with his router by not playing CS with us.

  3. Well, they’re very different. When I first played CS I was annoyed having to wait for the round to end. Wave respawn pissed me off. Of course that way spawn-killing doesn’t happen so often.

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