Benazir Bhutto assassinated

Benazir BhuttoAnd boy did they do a full job of the whole thing, two guys with ak47s shot her and then a suicide bomb was detonated near her car. They didn’t take any chances. I sent Marc a message asking for confirmation because I was at a wedding when I heard and it turns out it was true. Saw the rest of the story on the TV in the lobby, that Musharraf dude’s a live wire, you can’t just let him hold power. He’s dangerous, and not just to his own country. Pakistan’s one of those few countries worse off than us religion-wise, politics-wise…Heck! They’re just worse off than us. I feel sorry for the Pakistanis, but they’ve really let the religious fundies take over. Sucks to be them.

Here’s the BBC article on the assassination: Benazir Bhutto killed in attack.
A set of pictures they have: Life in Pictures

8 thoughts on “Benazir Bhutto assassinated

  1. True enough, it’s sort of a ratio of opinion of self vs. reality. For India that’s very high. At least people in other countries don’t have a excessively big opinion of their own country.

  2. We are supposed to be the world’s largest democracy, upcoming superpower and shit like that. You see any of these other worse countries claiming these grandiose things?

    If we admit that India is under developed and its society needs radical reforms we can begin to improve. Anyone claiming we are well off is either delusional or simply doesn’t know much about what goes on in the country.

  3. Exactly! I’ve got a post that’s stuck in draft-hell that talks about exactly that. They want to be on the damn permanent security council, want to be recognised as a nuclear power, call themselves a superpower, and throw their weight around in the neighbourhood ineffectively. That’s what sucks.

  4. thats was a really sad moment for pakistani nation… because she is our great leader … no one knows who killed her … why they killed her … every one has this question in mind :(

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