What’s wrong with this picture?

This is the Adyar Bus Depot. I took the shot some time ago while I was on my way to Marc’s place.

Adyar Bus Depot

I’ll tell you: It’s the buses. There are beautiful new buses all waiting in the bays, just asking to be run around the city, but instead of the improved comfort, we have to put up with the old buses. It’s like the MTC is trying to get as much of their money’s worth out of the buses as possible. They’re probably losing it all on worse mileage anyway. I don’t understand why they can’t run the newer ones and make us a little happier.

7 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Actually, that’s very true. Yesterday I was watching one of those really new fancy Volvo buses go by and I think the drivers are very different because he was driving by the book, signals for everything and all.

  2. Have you seen the drivers in the old buses change gears? With drivers like that, there is no way they will trust them with the new buses. So they obviously need to recruit new ones for these buses.

  3. It’s a vicious cycle, the indicators don’t work so they don’t use them, but the indicators stopped working on the newer buses only because the drivers never used them on the older ones. Lamarckism for the win!

    Adithya: As with the indicators, I suppose they do that because they have no alternative.

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