Fancy Vehicles

LexusLately they’ve been a lot of expensive cars going around Madras. The other day I saw a Lexus turning at the Cancer Institute signal, and today I saw a Suzuki Hayabusa today in front of my college. Man that thing looks beautiful!

A long while ago I saw a BMW parked outside the Audits office near DMS, it’s obvious what auditing is going on, eh? Okay okay, it was a really old vehicle. Then there’s Shray’s convertible, damn it, it’s enough to make you cry, looks freaking awesome. Lots of people with very expensive cars around here. Its funny, where’s all the money coming from? Give me some too!

And a UN High Commissioner for Refugees Land Cruiser in Gandhinagar? He must’ve been driving cross-country across the Gandhinagar club grounds or something or there’s no way they would use something as wasteful as that to drive across the cities. It’s the UN! It cares!

6 thoughts on “Fancy Vehicles

  1. many many of them on ECR. BMW’s , Audi’s , even seen Porsche and Ferrari. (Mercedes is also pretty common)Then there’s this Mitsubishi sports car I see often.

    Loads of rich buggers.

  2. Nicee car looking like Pradoo .. but its not i know .. but i love pradooo ..when i’ll purchase i dont know :) ehehhhe

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