Some photos I took while in college

I stay in the college residential halls for a couple of hours and have lunch sometimes. Last time I was in Selaiyur Hall, having nothing to do I snapped a couple of shots of college. The camera on the phone is funny and has some funny settings, if you don’t change the default you’ll get pictures that look like the aliens are landing. Yes I just ran a script to resize some of them and then resized and put the rest in last, it shows doesn’t it? :D Design was never my forte.

Anyway, the point is, it’s a pretty nice looking college.

21 thoughts on “Some photos I took while in college

  1. If it was an engineering college, they would raze everything down and build some more inefficient lecture halls and labs. Seriously, you lot are the most fortunate ones.

  2. Possibly if it was a private college. They’re just looking to see how many students they can fit into the space they have. Government engineering colleges are really nice, IIT for example, has a nice(r?) campus than ours and CEG’s looks fine too.

  3. you actually stayed in college more than was necessary?
    good lord. and how come you eat in the boys halls? :P come to Martin Hall next time for lunch. They won’t notice any difference, dear Amrita =)

  4. Those classes I would bunk, Vinod. Such is life.

    Isha, that would be me.

    Thanks Gowtham, and as for the second half of the statement, I have to agree, I haven’t seen an artificial tree yet.

  5. It would’ve been funny if he’d said that. But this way it’s just so macho.

    And besides, which pretty girls did he see here? There aren’t many anyway.

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