Controversial Advertisements

I was just browsing the BBC Feed and came upon this article about a controversial RyanAir ad. It’s pretty obvious what they’re trying to pull here, but frankly, it’s not all that offensive or anything. I’ve always wondered about people who get offended by stuff like this – what are they thinking? Perhaps, Oh my god, teenage girls will think they’ll get low fares if they dress like that! or maybe They’re insulting the dignity of the young women of the country. They are against British culture.. I can just imagine what would happen if those ads were displayed here. Actually, I don’t have to, I just know there’ll be more car accidents.

We have a strange dichotomy, there’ll be women in wet saris running around trees and wrapping themselves provocatively around the male leads of the movies but the slightest word about anything and cultures will suddenly become offended, women will become insulted and the world will go wrong. What a pathetic bunch of desperate people, here’s a point for you sociologists – this is what happens to people who can’t get any and really really want some. Face it, sex sells, and you like it that way. It’s like those little kids who do something and then act all sanctimonious about the whole thing in the hope that they’ll be the last person suspected.

Of course no one’s falling for RyanAir’s hilarious story explaining just why they aren’t going to be withdrawing the ad. If anyone goes out into the London streets dressed like that they’ll get frostbite, and pneumonia, and just die of exposure.

Here’s the offending ad.

12 thoughts on “Controversial Advertisements

  1. George, for the last time I’m not offended by that DC ad. All I question is why on that woman’s breast? Why not on some male’s bulging arm or chest? If you suggest sex sells, are you saying only men read newspapers because honestly, I don’t know if women with full breasts seem so sexually attractive to other women that they buy it. I am only speculating though. Who knows? Women are strange.

  2. Arun, men control women in India. Men have the purchasing power in families. They chose what papers to buy. So the paper targets men with women. Simple.

    The ad is fine and asking them to remove it is censorship.

    Don’t even get me started about India.

  3. HI friends a small thing to notice “opposite poles attract each other”.This attraction is quite strong among the men category bcoz they share their views openly.I wont say women don’t have such attraction but in a secret manner.When such attractions are balanced then these ads are welcomed.But this wud not be possible in india as they move with the culture bull shit!!!

    On other side these culture keep india distinguished from rest of the countries,am proud to be an indian!!!

  4. Arun:Sorry da typo error i meant to say that other countries respect us for our culture.and i didn’t say that it poorly distinguishes us from thm.Some moral ethics in our culture seems to be unethical for us(our generation ppl) but they stand strong bhind INDIA.

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