No really, it is. I try to go to sleep early, really I do, but I just lie there awake until around 3, when exhaustion overcomes me. As a consequence, it’s really hard to stay awake in class and sometimes I find myself being shaken awake at the end of a class not remembering when I fell asleep. It’s not possible to go on like this anymore. Something must be done, holidays must be granted. Please, for the love of god. It all seems so pointless. Like this cat, for instance:

Sisyphus Cat

8 thoughts on “Pointless

  1. Marc: I don’t watch TV. I hate it intensely. The hatred will keep me awake.

    Isha: Ouch, at least I can choose to just lie in bed if I’m particularly sleepy.

    Vinod: Bastard, I’m hating you right now. You should see your computer melting.

  2. It sucks even more when you know the only redeeming factor for engineering doesn’t apply to you. My college has twice the number of working days than most others. That coupled with less than four hours of sleep is particularly annoying.

  3. Ha ha, Chetan, your college still has normal hours? Man, that’s got to suck pretty bad. I can’t handle less than 8 hours of sleep, the 3-7.30 regime killed me after two days.

    Oh my god Ragha! Please, no! That day. THAT day! Split personality Ragha can destroy anyone.

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