Spandan – JIPMER’s cultural fest

Right, so we left for JIPMER last Tuesday, on a crowded bus. Crowded buses are MCC’s preferred method of travel. JIPMER is in Pondicherry, for those who don’t know, and it’s a medical college which is to say, it’s pretty cool. Ever noticed that medical colleges are the only sensible colleges around here? Weird. So anyway, we got there on Tuesday near midnight just as it started to rain. Don’t get me wrong, it was hot as hell, but it was raining. It was like being in the Amazon rainforest.

The ice-cream stall guy recognised us from CMC Vellore’s Culturals and so we all crowded into his stall to remain dry. Bikram sent the first years off to see if the room was okay. I wonder why he did that. Lucky he did, though, because some guy had left the tap open and the rooms were flooded. By flooded I mean there was water everywhere and that meant there was no place to sleep. Everyone made hurried plans to solve this problem and finally decided to sweep the water off (that meant, make the juniors sweep the water off). I think my idea was better: Make a pontoon bridge of some people and I’d sleep on top of them. They lie face down in the water, of course.

The Story Mélange:

Anyway that night we went to sleep in partly wet surroundings but work up the next day ready to do our job. MCC’s job is usually to provide participation. We’re like those people at political rallies, you know, those people who come because there’s a free lunch. We did that part nearly to perfection. Then Pipe and I accidentally won 90 seconds. By accidentally, I mean purely accidentally. We even asked them to check the scores because it didn’t make sense at all. The music events also had some MCC places, naturally.

Anyway, that first day went by quickly and by night we stayed up doing nothing interesting whatsoever. The next morning we all got up all late and all and I can’t recall what happened at all. Can’t recall the night either, except that we got new rooms and that sitting on the terrace yelling at passersby gets old quickly and that sleeping on the terrace doesn’t work when it rains. Our rooms were in the Staff Quarters or as a not-quite-sober bong I know put it The Quarterstaff. “Dude, our rooms are in the quarterstaff !“. We had fun there.

I fell ill that night and spent the next two days sleeping, waking up to bug the CMC people (nice fellows) and forgetting to have breakfast until 6 in the evening then compensating by eating lots of bun-omelette (a bread omelette variation) and drinking lots of coffee and shooting down Crocin like it was E. The last night I went to sleep early because I was feeling sick (I fell ill in a bloody hospital!) and I was woken at around midnight by invading armies of fellow MCC people. Before I knew it everyone had crowded into one room and the aforementioned bong had started doing a crazy dance. It was surreal. Then the next morning we had to leave because the dance team that wasn’t selected for representing our college had come to Pondy, got drunk and got into a fight with the rest of us (not including the sleeping me). One of our juniors socked a JIPMER dude nicely before escaping into the MCC scrim because the JIPMER dude broke his watch. We were pulled back, too bad. It was quite crazy, I wanted to see Pondy on the last day, ride around the place on a rented bicycle or something.

JIPMER is this crazy place. It’s got half exploded babies suspended in formalin in cylinders, it’s got weird silent-movie fights between drunkards, and drunks throwing bottles here and there. Let’s take that slowly:

Half exploded babies:

Alright, do not walk in here stoned. You’ll freak out. We went there after the JAM prelims and it was crazy man, like some alien experiments lab or something. It was pretty cool too, except for the PoP model of a ear that was titled “10 day old embryo”. Nice try, but we got you. The babies are crazy, they’re of all races so that makes for an even representation. I bet in a different part of the hospital they put microchips in the babies and make them walk and talk and then people adopt them and then they’re like a spy in that household. Evil place.

Silent Movie Fights:

Imagine a fight in a silent movie, without the exaggerated speed at which the characters move. That’s what we saw, there was a little melee at the gate to Lister House during one of the events and then two characters emerged with curious security personnel following. Then the fight started, with punches and shoves but with no sound, not even grunting or cursing. Even better was how the security personnel took the cue and also acted in silent movie style. It ended without a sound too, one of the fighters was pushed into the gutter where he fell rather comically. It was like a Charlie Chaplin move, hands and legs in the air. Then he got up and was restrained by a security dude. The other guy was pushed back into Lister House, also silently. It was one crazy event.

Random drunks:

There were random drunks everywhere. True to MCC tradition, some of us were sitting near the gutters near Lister House when this guy appeared with a bottle. He was tottering but managed a bold swig from the bottle before flinging it right at us. It smashed near our feet and the place started smelling of cheap liquor, a disgusting smell. So we left. Then another time, while we were walking, Bikram was nearly hit by a speeding drunk dude. It was crazy. Bikram gave him his most Sikkim stare and that fellow melted under the gaze and everyone was happy. No, actually that guy just went into reverse, spun the Indica around Batmobile-style and sped down the road again. Weird.

All in all, it was one crazy experience and parts of it were like a Kafka short story, making no sense at all whatsoever. Never mind, we had fun, for a short while atleast.

PS: It’s Oct 16 now and I still haven’t gotten my prize money. I’m also broke. I could really use that money right about now!

On a completely unrelated note:
I’m running out of time, I’m 19 already!. I just had to post that and since it didn’t deserve a post of its own I just put it at the bottom here.