The Problem with Digg

On Slashdot, there’s a popular joke about how most people don’t read the article listed before they comment on the topic – presumably by reading the summary or, in some cases, just the headline. On Digg, however, the stories are voted popular by people who have user accounts on the site. This is normally okay, but the video below demonstrates just why Digg is such a bad idea :P

If you don’t get it, see exactly when the options for digging/burying are enabled and when they’re disabled.


This one is for Marc and Suren: Do you remember The Neutronium Alchemist? I do. Crossroads of Twilight? I do. Pandora’s Star? I won’t forget that either. Thanks for all the help spoiling the story, it’s just what I needed. I’m always the goddamn second chicken.

Savage Chickens - Spoilers

Chicken: Is this “The Sixth Sense”? Have the robots killed the boy yet??
Other Chicken: Augh!

Tip: Spoiling movies is more fun if you make up new endings

The Pirate Bay Investigation

The Pirate Bay - New LogoApparently you can get the documents for the investigation relating to whether The Pirate Bay is illegal or not by paying a large sum (about 40 grand). What’s their opinion on this?

They cost 6050 SEK for all of them (about 1000 USD). Our view of it? Why not just make a PDF, make a torrent of the PDF and seed it. We know a perfect place you can do that for free, and nobody would have to pay for all those pages of investigation. And a hell of a lot of trees would be saved… And even though the information in the investigation might be a bit personal at times (alcohol intake, sex addictions) we’re not suing the police for commercially exploiting the material they took from us without permission.

Ha ha, unbelievably awesome! The thing about file-sharers is that you can get stuff that is so incredibly hard to find today so easily there. They’ve got all sorts of rare movies, comics (some of which don’t even sell here) and books (some of which you suddenly need a few days before the exam). Major props to these guys!

Firefox Extension: Next Please

This extension is a godsend for anyone who’s used to Opera’s Fast Forward feature. Basically what it does is recognise if a particular page has many sections, and then you can just use the “Next Please” button to skip to the next page. For example, if you’re reading a particular topic in a forum and you want to move to the next page of replies, you can just hit that button and go there instead of having to scroll down and click the link. Some of those pages that have a navigation scheme like: 1 2 3 4 and that’s really hard to navigate because you have to get the pointer just there and that’s painful on a touchpad.

The extension’s called ‘Next Please’. It’s really useful, now to see if it’s possible to use mouse gestures to get the task done.

Orkut – Send Scrap To All

You know, we wish each other on all sorts of occasions, sometimes we call up a friend after a long while just to wish them on the beginning of a New Year. We do all of this because we care, or that’s the idea anyway. But tell me something, does it still show that you care if you replace that phone call with an automated calling machine that just calls each number in your phone book and says, “Happy New Year, X, I wish you a prosperous new year, and hope that you’ll enjoy yourself.” Man, that would suck. How different is this?

Orkut - Send Scrap To All

Of course I have to admit, it’s better than nothing. At least you get some greetings instead of none from people who you’re not likely to meet. Incidentally, guys, you’re all engineers you know, you’re all taught how to program in a hundred different languages, I don’t get why you don’t edit those scripts so that they stop appending the advertisement at the bottom. I mean, it’s trivial.

Pongal Holidays

Yay! I’ve got a whole week’s worth of holidays coming up, courtesy of it being Pongal for a few days. That’s one thing I love about India, there are always festivals for you to have holidays on. Of course, one thing I hate about India is the number of festivals involving a noisy bunch of people breaking melons on the roads and then proceeding to slip and crack their skulls on the same mashed melons a couple of days later. Like one of Pipe’s acquaintances said, “Why are they wasting vegetables?”

Anyway, what’s new is I’ll be posting much fewer ads after this last one because I can’t bear the sight of looking at the index page so full of that stuff. So another month and it’ll be clean all over again. It didn’t help that Google’s latest update sent my PageRank back down to 2 so I won’t get that many ads to post either. That’s a good thing, I suppose.

WordPress: HowTo Exclude Specific Categories From The Index Of A Blog

Sometimes, when you want someone else to look at your blog but not see posts belonging to one category. Try the following link to my blog index for instance: George Files without Ads or Friends. You should see my index page without posts that belong to the Ads or Friends category. This is rather useful if you want people to just see certain posts of your blog and you have lots of categories. Just put it as a space separated list in the cat variable.

Here’s an example of a link:
The %20 is a space, and the numbers 37 and 29 are the category ids for the categories that I don’t want to include. If you use the numbers without the – sign in front of them only those categories will be displayed.

Interesting Spam

Back in the good old days, I used to get thousands of spam comments per day, but before that I only had a regular flow of twenty or so. In those days I actually bothered reading through the moderation list and removing the spam which got through Akismet. Some of those messages had very interesting text. Here are a few I had saved as a draft a long while ago.

  • Bangem smurf and domination: What were they thinking? Perhaps they too believed that the Smurfs were commies too?
  • Male strippers in cincinnati: I don’t know why I put this here. It’s not even funny. I mean, anyone looking for that can get precisely that on Google Maps. They didn’t even need to advertise, especially on a blog in Madras, India.
  • Prune juice for baby constipation: This is just twisted but I’ve got to admit that it’s got a use. Remember that annoying little kid at some relative’s place that kept biting you for no reason? Give him constipation, buy our prune juice.
  • Professional clown shoes: Professional clown shoes, a growing market that some say may eventually force amateur clown shoes out. Horrifyingly, the link included with the text pointed to a site full of naked women without clown shoes!
  • Really really want spice: Oh my god! It’s the Return Of The East India Company! Get Aamir Khan on the line, we need to make another movie.
  • The walrus and the carpenter: were walking hand in hand. They wept like anything to see such quantities of spam. And the link seemed to imply that both the walrus and the carpenter needed Sildenafil citrate
  • Poop com in apartments pantie: This reads like some Borat text. “Poop come in pantie, 4th best poop in apartment!” I wonder what they were advertising, I hear it’s something about a cup.