Redirecting a subdirectory to a subdomain

You know, the older versions of CPanel are weirdly quirky. One of those things that annoyed me was that all subdomains are also subdirectories. For example, if you create the subdomain, then all files for that subdomain are stored in the folder accessible at This is very annoying if you have want web spiders to index your content because they’ll sometimes completely ignore the subdomain and index everything at the subdirectory. This was a rather painful issue for me because was rather well indexed but, the actual address, was nearly completely untouched by Google — there was one result, the subdomain root.

In any case, I decided to make everything point to now and spent the better part of the last hour trying to get the right commands in my .htaccess file. The thing with .htaccess is that if you make a mistake you don’t get told what it is, you get a 500: Internal Server Error message, which is about as helpful as a monkey with a tyre iron but not. So I’ve got it all figured out finally so here’s the relevant bit of the .htaccess that I’ve placed in my subdirectory:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?arjie\.com$
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,NC,L]

and since I searched for a similar solution and didn’t find anything like it on the Internet. Here’s a version that I may be able to find by a Search Engine.
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?domain\.com$
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,NC,L]

Playing Counterstrike Condition Zero over Hamachi through a router

Marc’s got his collegemates to join him for a nightly match of Counterstrike:Condition Zero by linking them all on a VPN using Hamachi. I joined them for a couple of days, it was quite a lot of fun, but after a while things got repetitive and I don’t feel like playing CS anymore, maybe another game, maybe Team Fortress Classic or Q3F, now that can be fun with a lot of people and there are more than 10 players now and then on the server. Or maybe we could all play an MMORPG. I don’t know, there’s not much to do stuck here at home. Them docs don’t even let me drive.

Getting Hamachi to work through a router:

Simple enough. First setting the Hamachi side:

  • Hit the gears icon to open the settings.
  • On the first screen there, you’ll see a ‘Detailed Configuration‘ button.
  • Hit that to get a screen which allows you to set which ports Hamachi uses.
  • Ask it to use a particular UDP port, say 13000. Then just save the settings.

Now to set up the router:

  • First go to the router’s setup page. Usually located at
  • Find your port forwarding page.
  • Set up a port-forwarding rule with the following settings:
    • Start Port: 13000
    • End Port: 13000
    • IP: Set this to your IP, my computer is so I set it to that
    • Check Enable
  • Now go disable your firewall. Don’t forget to enable it again once you’re done.

Now all you have to do is restart Hamachi and try connecting again.

After that, it’s best you follow Marc’s HowTo.


We also have a couple of stats programs running. Here’s how the StatsMe plugin looks like in-game:

And post-game, the PsychoStats program compiles the statistics into a MySql database to view at

OpenTTD – New graphics engine

OpenTTD - LumbermillA long time ago, back in the 90s, when I had my first computer I used to play cracked computer games in the summer while I waited for the other kids who lived around to finish their term. We worshipped TDU-JAM because they brought us all those games that we just didn’t have money to pay for. One of those was Transport Tycoon, later followed by its improved successor Transport Tycoon Deluxe, or as it’s more commonly called, TTD.

After a while, I found TTDPatch which had all this cool functionality added on. The guys who wrote it, including the creator Josef Drexler, must’ve been some programming geniuses because they modified the original game and added all sorts of unbelievable additions, all in assembly code. Anyway, after a while, along came Ludvig Strigeus and he used a disassembler to convert the entire code for TTD from Assembler to C, OpenTTD took off from there.

Now there’s a new thing going on at TTForums’ OpenTTD Graphics section where they’re making new sprites for the 32bpp mode that OpenTTD has recently implemented. When it’s all done, which doesn’t seem like too long considering the rate at which new sprites seem to be coming, I’m going to give it a spin and see what it’s like playing that good old game. It’s aged well. You can look at all the new graphics at the Exhibition Page on the wiki, along with a comparison with the original graphics.

It’s that time of the year again

Yes, it’s that time of year again. No sooner does an important traditional religious holiday roll around than the PC-brigade feel the need to strip-mine it of its original significance, just so’s no-one’s feeling get upset. Fuck that.

You’ve probably heard that bit a million times already in a million places. But wait, what’s he talking about?

For many years now, it’s become unfashionable to talk of Geola, as Muslims, atheists, and Christians have all attacked our traditional holiday.

Liberal Conspiracy’s parody of all those self-important posts grumbling about one thing or another, funny in context :)

Indian Overseas Bank ATM/Debit Card and Paypal

EDIT: Wait, no you can’t. It doesn’t works. You have to get one from any bank but IOB.
It doesn’t work. Please stop commenting with your card numbers, I don’t want them. Thank you.

I was searching around to see if I could use this to verify Paypal before I actually got it. It turns out that you can. But before you use it to verify your account you have to first use it atleast once at an InstaCash ATM, so use it as soon as you get it, withdraw a couple of bucks, it won’t hurt.

And one more thing, when you walk into an IOB ATM, sometimes the slot for the ATM card won’t be clearly visible, so you may not notice it. It’s a thin slit near the part where the money comes out. I didn’t notice and spent like a couple of minutes just looking around :D

PS: Don’t forget to sign on the back of your card!

The Holidays have begun

They weren’t supposed to start until tomorrow, actually. But the kind government gave us all a holiday, so I could take today off. The holiday routine involves waking up past noon, and then wandering around in a sleepy daze before going to sleep at 4. I’ve gotten used to it.

Marc and I were supposed to go to the IOB branch at Besant Nagar for an account for him, but it got late and they turned him away. Poor fellow. In any case, he drove me to a place to get a microSD card for my phone and when we were done he burnt Counterstrike:Condition Zero on a disk for me. I haven’t gotten round to installing it, though I was supposed to join the game tonight. I wonder if they’ll give you a legit copy of CS:CZ if you have a half-life disk, I remember CS 1.5 being free, I started playing it around that time.

Incidentally, while I was waiting for the bus at the stop, I snapped this with my phone (I have no clue how I managed to make it take a photo at that resolution, I can’t make it do it again):

Hotel Runs

How much would you pay for shipping?

Two 19¢ washers, The USA, The Department of Defence. One hell of a shipping bill.

Cheap washers - Shipping Bill

That’s No. 50 on Forbes’ 100 Dumbest Business Decisions. The list isn’t great, some of the items there are stupidly chosen but some are good. A curate’s egg, one might say.

My favourites:

  • No. 51: Apple sends a 9-year old a letter rebuking her for making suggestions on how to improve the iPod Nano in a previous letter to them.
  • No. 44: Bank of America branch evacuated after receiving a fax with a picture of a bomb on it. It was meant to have the text, “The Countdown Begins … Small Business Commitment Week June 4–8″
  • No. 21: The Boston bomb scare. They seem to claim this was a bad business decision for Cartoon Network. Au contraire, nearly everyone’s heard of ATHF and CN now.
  • No. 13: Fat people in Disneyworld not allowed on ride because the boat gets stuck to the bottom. Given food as compensation. Ha ha ha.

We do it differently here

Fine, so you say the Wii is $250. That sounds good. You say the XBox 360 is cheaper than the PS3 which is much more expensive, costing more than $400? Well, that’s fine for you. We do things differently here:

Gadget Guru - Where the world is upside down - Thumbnail

Anyway, converting to USD that’s:
Wii – $560
XBox 360 – $508
PS3 – $432 (for the 20GB version which, I think, is no longer available)

Where does this place get its stock from? Ebay?

The link: Gadget Guru

Spam invitations for a “conference”

GMail has superb spam filtering, and I get nearly nothing on that, but my other email addresses receive quite a bit of spam. Usually the spam is boring 419 scams like these two. But sometimes you get other spam, from what seems like a semi-legit group which just happens to be retarded. By semi-legit I mean there doesn’t seem to be any obvious way to make money. They don’t have ads anywhere noticeable. Anyway, here’s that email, in entirety:


Dear Sir/Madam

We are cordially inviting you to our twin combined conference which will be held.In Anaheim California From the 21st -23rd of January 2008 and Dakar senegal from the 27th -30th of January 2008.
If you are interested to participate and want to represent your country,you may contact the secretariat of the organizing committee for details and information. You should also inform them that you were invited to
participate by a friend of yours (Sidney Cole), who is a member of the American

The benevolent donors of the Organizing Committee will provide round trip air tickets and accommodation for the period of participants Stay in the U.S, to all registered participants.You will only be responsible for your own hotel booking in Dakar where the second phase of the conference will be held.
If you are a holder of an international passport that may require visa to enter the United States you may inform the conference secretariat at the time of registration, as the organizing committee is responsible for all visa arrangements and travel assistances.
Please contact the Conference secretariat with the adress below for
detailed information.

Below is the contact address of the conference secretariat:
Email: OR
By TEL: +1 (516) 303-0022 OR
By FAX +1 (718)-228-8213

Make sure you get back to me with this email address.

Sidney Cole.

Wheel of Time to be finished

This man has an awesome task ahead of man. He must complete the Wheel of Time series: tie up each of the myriad story lines, satisfy hardcore fans of another man’s style, and continue characters with exaggeratedly crazy personalities. I don’t envy him his task. Whatever he does he’s going to be disliked by one bunch at least, the original snobs, people who will grumble even if he does it perfectly simply because he’s not RJ.

Man, what a series! After a while it just started to go on and on, and there was that 10th book, which was about just one day. The whole goddamn book was just one day. I’ll admit, I want more Rand Al’Thor and less braid-tugging and sniffing. He’s more fun, killing off his friends and shit, and moving time back and falling down dizzy. Yeah, pretty cool.

Ah well, I’ll be waiting. In the meantime, I’ll go look for his other books because he seems like a pretty nice chap [2]. That interview also just shows how old the series is. He read The Eye of the World when he was fifteen, for god’s sake. I remember reading it at the same age. How come I wasn’t asked to finish it?!

[1] Dragonmount article about the announcement.
[2] Dragonmount Interview with Brandon Sanderson