Orkut – Send Scrap To All

You know, we wish each other on all sorts of occasions, sometimes we call up a friend after a long while just to wish them on the beginning of a New Year. We do all of this because we care, or that’s the idea anyway. But tell me something, does it still show that you care if you replace that phone call with an automated calling machine that just calls each number in your phone book and says, “Happy New Year, X, I wish you a prosperous new year, and hope that you’ll enjoy yourself.” Man, that would suck. How different is this?

Orkut - Send Scrap To All

Of course I have to admit, it’s better than nothing. At least you get some greetings instead of none from people who you’re not likely to meet. Incidentally, guys, you’re all engineers you know, you’re all taught how to program in a hundred different languages, I don’t get why you don’t edit those scripts so that they stop appending the advertisement at the bottom. I mean, it’s trivial.