Children of Húrin

Front CoverChildren of Húrin is a book that was started by J. R. R. Tolkien and finished by his son Christopher. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of Christopher Tolkien, but then I was put off by his History of Middle Earth. In any case, he’s responsible for a lot of The Silmarillion, so he must be good. I saw Children of Húrin for sale in Odyssey (in Gandhinagar) for more than 400 rupees, but that was just the hardcover. I think I’ll wait for the paperback to come out, which should probably cost less. Anyone want to share the cost with me? It’s only a 140 each for 3 people. The story seems rather promising:

From The Tolkien estate:
The Children of Húrin takes the reader back to a time long before The Lord of the Rings, in an area of Middle-earth that was to be drowned thousands of years before the story of the Ring, and when the great enemy was still the fallen Vala, Morgoth, and Sauron only his lieutenant. This heroic romance is the tale of the Man, Húrin, who dared to defy Morgoth’s force of evil, and his family’s tragic destiny, as it follows his son Túrin Turambar’s travails through the lost world of Beleriand.