Where Has George Gone?

Where Has George Gone?

A question that has haunted mankind since… Monday. His absence has deprived us of entertainment and free tech support and has also caused the price of other questionable substances to drop significantly (due to decreased consumption). We do not miss his Linux propaganda though.

So where has he gone? The following theories have been suggested by various experts from around the world. I most definitely did not make them up all of them by myself even though it seems very likely.

1. George’s constant meddling with mathematics caused an interdimensional portal to open up just behind him and transport him into an alternative universe where people had 11 fingers and toes and used the base 11 number system.

2. Enemies of George bumped him off for talking to girls too much and his body is now floating in the Cooum while the police find some unlucky bastard to wade in and fish him out.

3. He took a random bus trying to get home (like he usually does) and ended up in Bangalore.

4. He’s wandering Koyambedu looking for someone.

5. He’s gone on vacation to Sikkim.

Any of the above could be the reason for his disappearance. However the last one is especially ridiculous. Why would he go to Sikkim? It’s not like he has a collegemate who’s from there who invited him to spend a week there.

So the question still remains unanswered:

Where Has George Gone?