The Problem with Digg

On Slashdot, there’s a popular joke about how most people don’t read the article listed before they comment on the topic – presumably by reading the summary or, in some cases, just the headline. On Digg, however, the stories are voted popular by people who have user accounts on the site. This is normally okay, but the video below demonstrates just why Digg is such a bad idea :P

If you don’t get it, see exactly when the options for digging/burying are enabled and when they’re disabled.

The Xerox Is A Lie!

We wanted to take a photocopy of our notes for tomorrow, but the places right outside college didn’t have any power so they couldn’t do anything. So we went across the station to West Tambaram and then through the subway and when we came up we saw a huge sign promising Printing, DTP, Xerox, blah blah, so we went up the stairs and…

That’s my classmate Deepak. And yes, the video is low res, but what do you expect, it’s from my phone-cam. If the video doesn’t play in the player you can just copy the link address. The 3gp file is the smallest, but the default quicktime file is the only one that doesn’t need either flash or java.