Google Earth and Madras Christian College

Google Earth is beautiful! And it works perfectly on Linux! What does this mean? It means I can finally use it to have a nice look at everything through some nameless eye-in-the-sky. It means I can finally see which route is actually shorter. It means I can stare at the heads of nameless people at Trafalgar square! Lovely!

Well it’s fun, but unless there’s something I can download or look at to get the road names overlaid onto my maps of Madras, I sure am not going to be using GE for anything serious. It’s pretty much useless for all that unless you’ve got super-perception that allows you to discern extremely tiny details that aren’t there.

The picture in the post is a GE image of my college.

Also, I’ve noticed that Google Earth does not have a proxy setting inbuilt in the Beta for Linux. But it does use the environmental settings to access the proxy. In my Dapper build, there seems to be the little trouble of the proxy setting not using the authentication details. You will have to enter the details in the “System >> Preferences >> Network Proxy” dialog in the form:
username:password@proxyaddress and then the port
My proxy for example is set as:
srdmorhper:password@ Port: 80
If you want to see if your proxy is set properly, type
echo $http_proxy
in the terminal.
In my case, the above command displays:


6 thoughts on “Google Earth and Madras Christian College

  1. Buy a damn map George. I have one of Chennai. Rs. 30 at Odyssey.

    Huge map, covers almost the entire city and outskirts. And very detailed too.

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