Windows, Ubuntu and a USB flash drive.

So a couple of days, I came into possession of a small USB drive. It’s one of those small things that can hold something like 125MB, and be carried around. I’m planning on putting Damn Small Linux on it and scaring a couple of my friends with a “Oh my god! I accidentally installed Linux on your computer and wiped out your Windows!” .So anyway, I wanted to try it out. On Ubuntu this is quite simple:

  • ls /dev/sd*
    That bit was because I’d also tried out a digital camera that day, and so I didn’t want to mount the wrong drive (obviously!)
  • sudo mount /dev/sda1 /drives/usb
    Since that was the only one there, it had to be my USB drive. I’d already made that folder there and a link to it from my home directory.

That was it. After that worked, I added it to my gkrellm drives krell and now it’s a one-touch mount/unmount. I still have to enter the sudo password, but I consider that a feature and I’m told I can remove it if I wanted.

On Windows 98SE, this was a little harder, in fact, had I not had Ubuntu, it would have been impossible. As soon as I plugged it in I got a message saying a new piece of hardware had been detected and that the computer was going to install drivers. The USB stick came with a little (literally, half the diameter of a normal disc) CD which was marked USB Flash Disk Driver. “Alright, this should be straightforward.”, I said to myself. I was wrong. When I went through the whole search routine (with both that Internet and the CD option enabled) Windows gave me a “couldn’t find the driver” dialog.

Fine, I may not know the intricacies of the system, but I know of the magical “Have Disk…” option hidden away somewhere. So I got there, and when I tried to open the relevant folder on the disc, I got a “Folder doesn’t exist” message. This was ridiculous! I couldn’t open anything on that little disc. I did the standard reboot, no help. The eject CD, adjust position, reinsert didn’t work either.

Now, a little annoyed, I rebooted to Ubuntu, and opened the CD, and strangely enough, I could see every folder. So I copied the contents onto my hard disc, then onto my FAT partition, then rebooted to Windows, and used the drivers. Finally, I was done. I could use it!

PS: Windows still doesn’t open the Driver CD, Ubuntu still does.

15 thoughts on “Windows, Ubuntu and a USB flash drive.

  1. Nobody uses Windows 98 anymore. It’s NINE years old, George. USB 2.0 was introduced only in the year 2000! It serves you right for using antique software.

    Just connect the thing to XP. It works cause XP has a whole bunch of drivers for most devices. Like I said on the forum, it’s one of XP’s few good features.

    Also, that small disk is called a ‘Mini Disk’.

  2. My mom just stuck the usb drive into the usb port and it worked. No sudo mnt crap. It just pops up on the desktop. And a simple copy paste to back up my moms stuff. Did you even check if it auto detects?

  3. Marc told me something similiar about Windows XP. That’s pretty neat. I like it.

    On Dapper, perhaps it does that. I’ve probably broken this installation in a dozen places with all the wrong newbie stuff I do.

  4. My mom did that on Breezy Badger. And it auto detected my dvd writer connected to the USB. I used that one to make back-ups on dvd’s. Took me two hours coz my damn USB 2.0 PCI card wont work.

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