Review: Inside Man

Very few movies are really interesting these days, and watching rehashed action/thriller flicks is not a nice way to spend a quiet night. Fortunately, Inside Man is clever enough to warrant categorising as entertainment.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Inside Man, screencap
The movie’s about a bank robber’s (Clive Owen as Dalton Russell) heist which doesn’t seem to go exactly as planned and leads to him having to take hostages. The robber leads the detective (Denzel Washington – Keith Frazier) around seemingly in circles, while keeping up his demands for a plane and a clean getaway. The robbing gang are dressed in the same clothes and masks that they force on each of the hostages, complicating the situation even more. At this point is where the real fun begins.

The movie is a nice tight thriller and it has lots of little touches and street philosophy which keep it going even when the camera’s not on the criminal inside the bank. There’s lots of humour, and that keeps the characters real. It’s full of “oh, so that’s how they’re going to do it” moments at various parts which quickly progresses to a “wow, that’s clever” routine.

The two main characters are nicely set up to confront each other and the movie is really not over until nearly at the end. Each of them is intelligent and has a certain sense of honour (which they both deny), good enough to make this a nearly equally pitched battle, into which you throw in the negotiation vs. force factions and the corruption in higher administration and you have a good solid show.

There’s not much blood, gore and explosions here for the action movie fan, but just wanting to know how things turn out kept me glued to it. A clever little movie with some gems of moments in there, but you don’t want to be watching this with your little brother unless you want to have to explain what x swearword is or what y part of the body is.

Anyway, a nice little quote that’s just plain hilarious:
(Frazier walks into a restaurant )
Guy who works there: Can I take your hat, sir?
Frazier: No, get your own.

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