On blogs, hosts and downtime.

Typing in my blog address,
I thought I’d login to wordpress,
And maybe even write a post,
Of something I’d done, a little boast.

The browser said the host was down,
The owner said he was out of town,
My speech was stifled, my blog was gone,
And all because I didn’t backup the previous morn.

For all my posts, they were lost,
Forget the work, think of the cost.
Now I must begin to post again,
If this happens once more, I’ll go insane,
I’ve restored once, I’ve restored twice,
I swear to you it isn’t nice.

When you have lost so much,
You get a little out of touch,
And think of silly rhymes and lines,
And numbers, 1s and 2s and 69s.

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