The hilarity of spam.

Sure, spam is no joke. But once in a while it can be really funny. Here’s one such example:

One theory is that selenium’s antioxidant powers enable pellet stoves to repair damage to the media. It attacked my mother, which I did not appreciate. Pellet stoves teens find parents dead after insight on pellet stoves to do when things go wrong. The deciding factor for Wednesday will be the inventories of oil and its products with analysts expecting pellet stoves to report another rise in crude supplies. Wright Penn said: It’s uncomfortable to see a real 12-year-old portray that truth, but everybody needs to allow prisons to get into such a terrible mess without intervening earlier in a planned way.In pellet stoves statement which pellet stoves obtained by Al Jazeera, the Islamic pellet stoves in Iraq has said it was responsible for the attack on the helicopter.

That has got to be the most ridiculous crap I’ve ever read. It’s copy-paste from the news and then use a find-replace but man is it funny (in a broken translation machine kind of way).

Apparently as Orkut proliferates people are becoming less and less smart if spammers actually think messages like the following will get them anywhere:

This whole Orkut thing is sorta blowing my mind these days.

Anyways, you seem cool and I’d like to know more. You should check out my profile on this other site, I’m always on over there and I probably won’t be logging in to orkut everyday: . But umm, don’t mind the pics, lol!

So anyway.. message me on there and we’ll chat sometime!

talk to you soon :)

The profusion of social networking sites reminds me of the old dot-com boom when everyone was talking about how any company on the net is going to be rich and baazee and hotmail were held up as shining examples. Some people sure didn’t learn from that. Sorry people, but just doing the same thing as the most successful sites and doing it worse won’t get you anywhere. Idiots.

Incidentally Akismet has a constant 1000+ comments on that spam queue, and the shoutbox has blocked 13,000 spam attempts since I last cleared it. Marc’s filterset helped greatly with that. Vielen Danke!

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