The Götheborg, sailing ship from the 1700s

The Götheborg
The original ship sank in 1743, crashing on rocks just outside the port it was going to call at. No one died, but more than three hundred thousand porcelain articles from China went down to the bottom of the sea. You can read about it at the site that one of the founder’s set up.

Right now, it’s here at the Chennai Port and it’ll be staying there until the 10th of February. I was planning on going there today but I was informed at 8 in the morning that we had class today, on a Saturday! That was quite disappointing because I thought they were only open on weekdays. So tomorrow I shall be on a real live sailing ship (granted it has engines, but the cap’n says the sails is faster). Fascinating story behind it, very interesting. The project’s official site is here.

If you’re in town try to go get a look at it. I’ve been told they charge 50 rupees and you can go there on the 5th and the 6th too.

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  1. We think we can make use of these opportunities to be out of the college routine but nooooo the college wants to hold a working day.

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