Photos of the Götheburg

lateralbow-thumb.jpgside-thumb.jpglateralstern-thumb.jpgI have a couple of photos, but I shall post only two because that way you don’t get to see how bad I can get at taking photographs. Well, actually that’s not a very good reason. The actual reason is, my younger brother will charge royalties because he’s in the rest of them and he’s greedy.The only person greedier than him is Marc, but Marc isn’t in these photographs, so all is well. For those who don’t know what this ship is, it docked in Madras in Jan and I was supposed to have put up these photos then. frontbow-thumb.jpgdecklifeboat-thumb.jpg insidecannon-thumb.jpg Here’s the blog entry on the sailing ship when it docked in Madras.

UPDATE: More photos! Behind the camera in the cannon shot there’s a crew member who makes sure no one goes running off into the carpenter’s section of the ship (which I thought was the kitchen). There are lifeboats on the deck and there are some neat looking barrels that look just like the ones in all the pirate movies except much less moldy. :D

11 thoughts on “Photos of the Götheburg

  1. Slander! Defamation!

    Retaliation on my blog tomorrow.

    This one time, we told a guy that the photos of him that we took was our property since the memory card and the camera belonged to us. The poor guy was rendered speechless by this eloquent logic.

    You should have posted the ship photos earlier. The large sizes are nice. I can zoom around and pretend I was there.

  2. It isn’t defamation if it’s true. And you are greedy besides also being a fraud apparently. That poor chap, after posing for hours in the hot weather, no wonder models commit suicide so often.

    I added some more potos! But no cabengas!

  3. Oh, good point.

    He was sitting inside the college bus. Whoever poses in the sun? And in Chennai, that too!

    Do you have some kind of space restriction or something? Cramming all the photos into that small space instead of resizing them to full width of post area so that I don’t have to click each one and zoom in.

  4. He was forced to sit inside one of those moving coffins? Oh horror!

    I dunno, wordpress makes those thumbs, so I just stick them all together tetris-style. You don’t want me putting in 2592px×1944px pictures do you?

  5. Bum di dum. Hmm? I don\’t use the WYSIWYG editor, I edit in plain text. I do use the image upload form though. Besides I like this size, it\’s good for dialup users.

    Thanks sindhu.

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