I’m back, but I’m going again.

As you can plainly see, I’m in Madras once more. However, that is only temporary. I shall be visiting Kodaikanal now. In another hour I shall be leaving. So now, before I forget, I think I had better mention what happened this morning.

As soon as I woke up, there was this image plastered in my head. Pretty funny. It showed this cow looking up out of a ditch and two stick figures looking down at it from the edge, while sitting with their legs dangling over the edge and then one of them turns to the other and says, “A bovine in a ravine.” and the other says, “Cravin’ for savin’.” I think it’s an omen. As Marc’s blog once said, “Cow, I am dog.” .

Good, now some mention of something needin’ attention, here we go. There’s this radio place that actually works for me. How happiness! Much is link giving. So is link giving now.


Many thanks to these peoples and many victories to Simon and Garfunkel. “…the words of the prophets \ Are written on the subway walls \ And tenement halls. ” Truth that. :D

Goodbye, and fun having!

Oh and, please disable your adblock when here, will ya? That’s what’s paying for my subsistence (read: computer equipment) .

6 thoughts on “I’m back, but I’m going again.

  1. You rock… way to go… Everyone goes on a holiday inbetween work, you seem to work inbetween hoidays…

    The guys at Anna University must be your type. They give hols for about a month before the exams, a month after the exams, and three days inbetween exams.

    Our college goes a step further by giving holidays for things like chaturmasya (10 days), TIES (A month), EEE lecturer kills herself, college buses getting seized by RTO for not paying road tax (5 days), and a whole lot of other reasons, much to Marc’s chagrin, and my quiet satisfaction. Yay!


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