Killer art!

There is no purpose. In an effort to totally confuse everyone over my sanity, I have decided to make a new avatar. This avatar won’t just be any avatar, it is hand drawn and is made by possibly the most talented artist this world has ever seen and is designed to make people doubt whether I am, in fact, what I really am. It is not only designed to show my creativity but also my leet hacking skills in making this gigantic animated file a mere 15 kilobytes in size. Fear me!

12 thoughts on “Killer art!

  1. The one denotes the stepping of each of the other digits. Can you see it Chetan? Does it open your mind to new vistas? Don’t put that last question in the context of the avatar.

  2. That is pretty nice. You just have to tell me if the blob that appears next to the guy just before he unravels himself is a heart symbol or something?


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