What-a-day! What a day!

So at something like one thirty, Pipe arrives at my place and after narrating tales of our disjoint pasts we decide to go play some basketball. Except it’s been so long since I’ve been to this court, I’ve no clue how it’s changed. Apparently it hasn’t been in use for a long while so there’s a wasp’s nest (wasp’s nest, but it doesn’t belong to just one wasp, wasps’ nest perhaps?) there and we don’t realise that until we start playing and I went for the rebound. Very nice.

So then we go back, fetch a couple of racquets and decide to play some shuttle badminton. Apparently I haven’t gotten too bad, though my backhand has receded to the level it was when I was three years old. So after a couple of games over some 50 minutes or so we left. Pipe then had to go pick up his sister, so I went along with him because he had an a/c in the car and because sitting at home alone is boring. This part was uneventful.

Later in the day, it suddenly struck me that I had forgotten to recharge Bikram’s SIM card and so he wasn’t very happy with me. He’s in Sikkim and can’t do it himself and he needs some validity to receive messages. Poor chap. I needed to give in my negatives for developing too, so I decided to drive down and see if I could do both. Strangely, all the mobile phone card shops near Mount Road and Anna Salai were closed at seven forty five. So I proceeded to the Kodak shop near Gemini (where the people are polite and stuff). On the way, some imbecile managed to scrape my car while I was stationary! I yelled at him solidly and now I know why people do it, it has a cathartic effect. What a moron! In any case, the nice fellows at Kodak were very helpful and I’ll be going to pick up the photographs tomorrow.

Oh and there are so many photographs! The trick of the novice photographer is to take lots of shots, that way at least some will come out nice :)

13 thoughts on “What-a-day! What a day!

  1. DisJOINT pasts! Hahahaha!

    And you managed to get into another accident. No wonder you keep getting arrested.

    Your last line is horrible advice, if you’re using a film camera.

  2. Damn. I’m late for the argument.

    George, you have too much money, try spending it on something useful like that LBG album.

    No, dope doesn’t count.

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