Another Train Post

Today there shall be another post about my journey home on the South Line. My great laziness doth prevent me from writing about more interesting things. Or maybe not. In any case, today, our train hit an old man walking across the tracks. The railway lines aren’t particularly separated from the rest of the land along most of their length and people often cross them. Naturally this means there are many fatalities, mostly people engrossed in their mobile phone conversations or old people. This was one such fatality.

Sad really, but there is little that can be done to prevent stuff like this from happening other than opening a gigantic subway pass all along the path of the tracks because people live everywhere and they insist on crossing tracks at risk to their own life. This will keep happening. If I’m lucky I won’t see it.

7 thoughts on “Another Train Post

  1. Arun: I’m not quite certain he wanted to commit suicide. It just sounds weird. I mean, at that age, and with all the hills around, why the train?

    Marc: Yes it does. Sadly there’s nothing that can be done because everyone seems to want to cross “here” and “now”. Walking even 200m to a crossing seems too hard. We see that on the roads.

  2. are we talking here about roads crossing train tracks or some rural places? It’s not that hard to solve the problem, the state needs to put ramps, but you cant have ramps along the railway…only at roads junctions

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