White on Black, or Black on white?

I’ve noticed that most interfaces on computers A screenshot of my desktop (excepting some terminal emulators and consoles) have a black on white (or dark on light) scheme for no particular reason at all. Having heard that light on dark schemes are easier on the eyes I decided to give the whole thing a whirl. I like my dark-themed desktop and think it looks beautiful, but there is one problem.

It’s a pain to browse. Most webpages are still dark on light and it’s really hard on the eyes to have your browser in black and your page in white. This is one of those times I’m really happy I have firefox ( actually Swiftfox ). Out comes Stylish, an extension for Firefox that lets you set different CSS styles for sites you visit, over-riding their defaults.

My favourite two styles are by Valacar, a Dark Blue Google redesign and a Dark Grey Youtube redesign.
Youtube with the Dark CSS
The rest of my desktop is:

  • The Neutronium High theme for Gnome with the Human theme window border and Tango icon theme.
  • The default Ubuntu background (warty-lagoon) colourised to Blue
  • The Firefox Gnome support package

5 thoughts on “White on Black, or Black on white?

  1. Dark sites are for using the computer at night when there are no lights turned on.

    Bright sites look better and more readable in the daylight.

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