Spam Attack!

Run Hans, the dike is bursting! So far, Akismet blocked nearly every spam comment that got to this blog (excepting the shoutbox, of course) and I only had to deal with a trickle of four to ten every day. Yesterday, 247 messages managed to get past Akismet, but fortunately I require everyone to have their comments approved atleast once before they’re allowed to post unmoderated. This meant I was left with the unenviable task of digging through 246 unapproved messages to get to one comment which is probably not spam because it contributes so well to the topic it was on. Such carefully thought out words are hard to find on the Internet these days, and I thought that comment deserved to be saved from being dumped along with the misfits.

For some reason, my blog attracts large amounts of spam. Some people even claim that spambots are the only visitors I have. Those same people languish under the comments of highly intelligent humans, and so I’m glad I’m not in their club.

2 thoughts on “Spam Attack!

  1. This was the comment you saved:

    C_var_crsLst=1 {1,0}

    Send this to every one in your friends list, and you should be able to
    see the crush lists of everybody in your friends, it actually works

    And the other:

    man this is creepy its called mind reader. send this to every1 on ur list and then press F8 and ur crushes name will appear on ur screen

    What a waste of space. Deserved deletion.

    You have way too much spam. It’s not like you ever update or buy traffic.

    And now you’re leading spam bots to me. A few always miss alternation and get into the comments. You’re saying none of them spill over into comments?

    You have a total of three real visitors. Me, Suren and Chetan. The rest are all bots. Every last check. Look at your shoutbox now, for example.

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