Drivel – A blog editor.

Drivel’s a blog/journal editor on Linux. It has a simple interface and is very easy to handle. It can do blogs on all the popular blogging websites as well as on WordPress based sites (I haven’t tested WordPress MU). To getDrivel it to work on wordpress though, you need to select “MovableType” as the blog type and type in the address to your blog followed by xmlrpc.php. For example I would have:

That’s a rather funny thing but it’s a one-time inconvenience. It’s fast, handles past posts properly and looks neat and orderly.

1. Offline blogging, text is saved as drafts and then uploaded when done.
2. Integration with desktop. If you’re using a custom theme like the one in my dark-on-light posts, this is a good idea.
3. One interface to many blogs if you have more than one.

1. You can only add one category.
2. You can’t directly upload images, you can only link to them.
3. If Drivel can’t contact Technorati (when the Notify Technorati option is on) it saves the post as a draft on wordpress and waits for a nearly infinite amount of time trying to notify technorati.

Remember, the “Insert Poll” option only works on LiveJournal.

3 thoughts on “Drivel – A blog editor.

  1. There are plenty of Windows alternatives and even a Firefox plugin but when you’re online from other places like I am these things aren’t useful.

  2. Why Chetan? Why this post, it seems pretty okay. No \’keywords\’ and stuff like that.

    Of course there are plenty of windows alternatives, Marc. The reason I posted this is, it\’s an alternative to using Stylish to reskin your admin panel, no? You don\’t have to deal with great whiteness.

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