Colukabki and 5th year Mechanical Engineering students

I have no clue how this came about but let’s see:
1. There are 4 years in engineering, no?
2. The disease has a total of 18 infected people in the world? And it’s caused due to depression? Leave him alone and evolution will fix the issue.
3. Colu is the Tamil word for kill.
4. We’re all Zulu.

Quite obviously, the following is fraud, for the above reasons, not counting that it’s the same format as the oldest forward on the net, the cancer baby who’s alive and well.

IIT Bombay student Anupam Biswas 5th Year Mechanical Engg is suffering
from Colukabki (caused due to excessive nabad and depression) a disease
very rarely found (3 in a billion). His condition is very pathetic and
the treatment is very expensive, obviously his parents are not able to
afford his treatment. Orkut has agreed to pay 1 paisa after each time
this message is forward. So please pass to all ur friends.

please i request you to pass it to as many people as u can and lets try
to save someone’s life.
I request please do not ignore this. It will take < 1 min from ur life to help saving someone's life

Now, we shall analyse why exactly people forward this stuff. Here is my idea:
« People like to think they’re doing something nice, sort of like an insurance policy against bad. It’s the “I didn’t deserve such bad things! I’m a nice guy! I forward all chain letters I get about saving people’s lives!” syndrome. Quite interesting, really. One is willing to help as long as one does not have to put in much effort.

“It will take <1 min from ur (sic) life …” There’s the key! It won’t take long, so help! If it took more than a minute I can understand that you can’t take time off your busy schedule. » Cute, no? Incidentally, how many times is the phrase “take time off your busy schedule” used every day? Thousands? Millions? Ridiculous phrase. The next time someone tells me to give a ( the phrase escapes me, thanksgiving speech? word of thanks? ) , I shall tell the person, “Thank you for taking time off from your boring and unfulfilling life to waste the time of our boring, unfulfilling lives. We appreciate it, and hope you will do this every day of our lives for the sweet rapture that your words lay upon our docile minds doth invigorate and inflame our tepid blood!” . I think this is why I never get to give those speeches. Ah well, a man can hope. Oh, and here’s another little fact. Once wordpress crosses 9,000 comments in moderation, it refuses to open the page. 9,000 in a day. Now, I have 14,000 comments in moderation and it can only get worse. I wish bots read the advertisements though, that would be some consolation. As for those zealots who are always looking for fodder against Windows, nearly all of those bot hits are from Windows machines. Oh, and 66,000 in Akismet spam, in two days. This is a fine joke. Whoever did this, you will pay! No wait, who am I kidding, amend that to, you will get away!

16 thoughts on “Colukabki and 5th year Mechanical Engineering students

  1. Sundar, wiyoats a third year student in wiyoats an obscure wiyoats engineering college, is suffering from a dangerous wiyoats wiyoats syndrome called ‘wiyoats’, which affects wiyoats only one person in the world forever, and is caused wiyoats by depression caused by his parents wiyoats refusing to give him any wiyoats more pocket money. The disease is wiyoats characterized by wiyoats an inability to string a wiyoats sentence together without wiyoats peppering it wiyoats with the word wiyoats “wiyoats” wiyoats. Orkut has agreed to wiyoats pay him wiyoats 1 paise every time you forward wiyoats this message…


    oops there it wiyoats goes again.


    wiyoa…. help… aaargh… wiyoa.. NOOOOOOO… Please wiyoats!

  2. Hi..

    Awesome post..really!!! Something even i’d want to write on..u gave me inspiration..

    Once, someone scrapped me some weird scrap that said if i value a loved one of mine and what them to live for 20 extra years, i shud fwd that scrap to other people!

    I mean imagine that! I normally ignore most of these msgs, but this one was hurtful…I gave it back soooo royally to this person, that she’d think twice before fwding such a msg to anyone again..

    Good one..


  3. I have no idea wheater it real or fake but i send it to all my friend b’coz it asked to do by my friend but still i have one confuz who send me this message.If you fool me that is last time.After reading all website still i send to my friend b’coz i want to be fool by you.B’coz befor sending message i check all the detail and verfied that i was tried to fooled but not this time Because calculation and brain both i have.

  4. IIT Bombay student ABC…oops they won’t believe it…Let’s expand to make it Anupam Biswas Chandra…common it’s getting too long…ok let’s keep it short: Ankur Biswas :D…

    Nabad…a stupid slang (commonly used in IITs) for tension…

    Few docs must have committed suicide after reading such forwards…

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