His Pigginess’ Scout Commander falls

For those among us who still remember and await his inevitable true return, this is just a sign of the horrors and atrocities our enemies perpetrate, and it only serves to strengthen our resolve. No being, pig or man, kills a Scout. That was blasphemy, madness on their part. Remember my comrades, war is evil, but it is now the lesser evil. Those who take the tusk perish by the tusk, and those who don’t take the tusk perish by smelly diseases.

This is their propaganda, look hard so you know that they are no different from us, except that they are uglier, and evil.
May his soul rest in eternal piss.

9 thoughts on “His Pigginess’ Scout Commander falls

  1. Does this have anything to do with the lord of the flies? Or some such similarly named book? I was somehow reminded of that…

    Of course it could have been the side-effect of the anti-wiyoats drug I am now on.



  2. no, no, he is referring to the part in the movie 300 when king leon idus kicks the persian scout into the well.

  3. Most commendable, Sir Suren. 1 reference down, 1 more to go?

    Marc, Chetan: Dude. :D

    Sundar: Anti-wiyoats drug indeed.

    And does anyone remember what we wanted to do when we first joined orkut?

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