GeoURL is this huge ( some 1.4 million ) database of sites and their geographical location, and it’s searchable so you can find all sites based near a certain place. Be aware that it isn’t the location where the server is located but where the site is about. For example, though my server isn’t located in India,‘s location is listed as 13.0449056°N, 80.2514083°E .

Naturally, something like this is just asking to be integrated with Google Earth, but since that isn’t possible, we’ll take the next best thing. A little application located here makes a KML file that you can import into Google Earth. Of course, there are the usual liars who’ll place their sites in Antarctica. What brilliance! They are l33t haxxørs who’ve owned the system! Kudos to them for having broken into such a secure system. But, unless you really want to know what sites are about people from Antarctica, I don’t think you should have any trouble there, yes?

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