Craziest comic I’ve seen!

Venus Leopard Women Firing Comet Intensified Blasts from Head-Guns while riding Space Lizards This is the pinnacle of the Golden Age of Comics, and is characteristic of the work of Fletcher Hanks. The way he thinks up origins for his super-villains is hilarious, and the nutjobs that result are like something out of a surrealist comedy movie about incredibly bad luck. For example, take the origin of Professor Zomax. Brilliant! Simply brilliant! Makes even Venusian Leopard Women shooting from Head-Guns while riding Space Lizards look tame. Sir, I take off my hat to thee. Your skill with the legendary weapon Copy-Paste will be remembered forever, passing from history to legend but never to myth.

For more Comics of the Absurd (forgive me, Eugène), go to Mister Kitty’s Comics. Oh jesus, the craziness.

Update: For a book on Fletcher Hanks that includes some of his more obscure stories and a commentary, look at I shall destroy all the civilised planets.

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