Live Forever – Learn Sanskrit

Some time ago, I clicked a random ad on a site because it had a funny title proclaiming that the author of a certain book knew how to live for ever or for thousands of years. The name of the book is “Bible of the undying”, but letting his creative juices flow, the author named the web page on which he plugs the book, “Bile of the undying”. The latter sounds like some B movie about zombies, but hey he didn’t say you wouldn’t have a fascination for brains, did he?

Now naturally, seeing as he can live forever, Dr. Barrie wants you to buy his book, so that he won’t live forever starving. We present to you, from the author of The Egyptian Mystical Box, “Bible of the Undying“. There is atleast one man who has succeeded at this but he isn’t willing to share, so you’ll have to count on Dr. Barrie.

3 thoughts on “Live Forever – Learn Sanskrit

  1. Actually, what’s scary is that half of them may actually buy the book. Then I’ll be left feeling guilty.

    Ugh, server time got whack. Arun, you won’t need a weapon, you’ll live forever. Oh yeah, living forever isn’t so attractive with Ragha around.

    (old comment, had to delete it to allow me to comment again)

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