India, Twenty20 and my friends

Twenty20 World CupSo the Indian team won the Twenty20 World Cup. I missed most of the match because I’m not into cricket much. I did see the last few balls though, and it seems like it ended rather nicely. People got what they paid for and stuff, if they went to actually watch the match. To quote what I saw that day as I set the page on auto-reload:

19.3 overs – WICKET – Misbah-ul-Haq c Santh b J Sharma 43 – Pkn 152
The floodlights come on. Misbah tries an unorthodox Ashraful-style flick over fine leg – and is caught by our old friend Sree Santh at fine leg! INDIA HAVE WON BY FIVE RUNS – what a finish!

19.2 overs – Pkn 152-9
A low full-toss – and Misbah’s clubbed it over long-on for six! Six now needed off four balls.

19.1 overs – Pkn 146-9
A priceless dot ball as Misbah goes down on one knee but makes no contact. 12 needed off five balls.

Apparently, this victory has spawned a bunch of jokes, some of which are good, one of which I remember. Pipe told me this one:
– “Knock Knock”
– “Who’s there?”
– “Misbah.”
– “Misbah who?”
– “Misbah five runs.”
Ha ha ha, probably one of the best knock-knock jokes I’ve heard in a while.

Then there was Danny’s smart-ass remark on the train the day after the Twenty20 World Cup final. “Kalam should be happy. India are the World Champions in 2020.” Yeah, he’s a smart-ass.

Misbah five runs…[chuckle]

6 thoughts on “India, Twenty20 and my friends

  1. Oh there was another one, I forgot to add it. It’s only funny if you’re a mallu.

    Misbah hit the ball into no man’s land, except he didn’t consider that in every corner of the world there is a malayali

  2. that was a superb match …1st T20 worldcup final ….
    liikkeeeee all got goosebum in the end when match is going crazy…. india played well in the finall … but pakistan had given away his cup in the last over .. it was a 50 50 match … if misbah hits one more six .. i m sure sharma’s career wud be end :) hehehhe

  3. Indian team winning the Twenty20 world cup I cannot believe that thought Pakistan will take the cup. I like watching cricket but when the match is not interested, I just hang up. Indian team did not perform well throughout the world cup. From my side I think the luck goes to Indian team in the final as Pakistan did a silly mistake to give India the cup.
    “Knock Knock”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Misbah who?”
    “Misbah five runs.”
    Yeah this joke is interesting lol.

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