Monthly link post

For things that I can’t seem to describe properly enough. Here’s just the links:

  • ingimp is a modified version of GIMP that you can use to send usability data. Just download it and use it like you would use the GIMP, it’s the same program after all…nearly.
  • An Offline Wikipedia. You’ll need to download the Wikipedia archive which is a couple of GB in size without the images. It’s useful for when other people claim funny things and you can’t correct them because they don’t understand you. For stuff like “you can’t use a normal parabolic dish for mobile phone signal, you need to optimise it for that wavelength”.
  • Motion, a motion-detecting program, useful with a camera that can output video directly to your computer. Like this guy did.
  • Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen: An interesting martial art from Indonesia (sort of). One particular part of it (Kun Tao) focusses almost entirely on defense and some schools actually have an entire belt ranking system for just that.
  • Do we need an Open Source Hardware Licence: Completely unrelated talk here, go check out the OpenSPARC project. Sun released the specifications and source to its UltraSPARC T2 as soon as it was released. Parts were under NDA, but I think they’ll be freer later. The licence used is the GPL 2.0, though they seem open to the GPL 3.0 as of now.
  • Ubuntu Hardware Compatibility List: A nice database to which you can submit reviews on how your hardware works under Ubuntu and check other people’s reviews to see if it’s worth buying the piece.
  • A CC Science Fiction book. Have a look see.Ventus, published by Tor (the same guys who published JOR’s works) is somewhat about ecology. That’s what interested me.

EDIT: And also because I forgot it, the Peru meteor incident. Did someone say ‘Andromeda Strain’?

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