The Day The Music Died

Sometimes I get in that mood. You know, where you go dig up the old tape cassettes of Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, and just for the heck of it, Don McLean. There’s so much brilliance in those years, the riffs tug at you and the wailing solos scream at your soul. Ah, did the Golden Age of Rock pass without anyone noticing?

28 thoughts on “The Day The Music Died

  1. Is ha: :D I don’t think I can get CDs of them here either.

    Marc: They have a nice old feel to them. But the quality’s not nearly as good. I suppose I should download copies of them, you never know when these cassettes will fail.

  2. Aw… Well CDs or at least MP3s of Ensiferum aren’t really a problem seeing that I’m one of their biggest fans. Duh.

    But yeah this is the 21st century. Not really a time for tapes… ;)

  3. Marc: Ha ha, nothing more fun than digging around in your shelf and finding some albums you haven’t seen in years! Not dumping. I’m a hoarder.

    Isha: Very good, then you will bring some next time. I…command you!

    Bah, tape haters.

  4. I have all my music on my laptop… And my laptop is nearly always with me. Give me a USB thingy when I’m back and I’ll dump all my Ensiferum MP3s on it :)

    (Am I not one brilliant junior, huh? HUH?)

  5. Tapes are…lovely. They have this nice old feel to them. I remember a few years ago my sister and I would treat ourselves to one Beatles album tape about once in two months, with saved up pocket money and all. It was all…nice and warm and all.

  6. Ha ha, nice picture Marc. But yeah, it’s true, Cleo does all sorts of funny stuff, and because the desktop switches off immediately after hitting the Power off key anytime she’s on the keyboard is a dangerous time.

    Wow, that’s nice. I remember my brother used to take tapes and unwind them manually and we’d find him covered in tape and looking gleeful. I had a turntable. I think we still have it around, but I don’t think it works, used to belong to my grandad.

  7. Tapes are old, but they’re still lovely. It’s a different thing that they start getting stuck after a bit, and the songs go all out of tune.

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