A funny little photo – Bhagavad Ajjukam

Some time ago we did a play at the Chinmaya Heritage Centre, Chetpet, for the Dean Foundation. It was for World Hospice and Palliative Care. There were a bunch of other colleges who did some other stuff too, though we managed to watch only one of them go at it, the WCC girls with their A cappella band which was pretty good. It was fun, though a little confusing. I don’t think the play was meant to be done under lights, with mics and all. Not too bad, though it could have been nicer with more than the 9 days we had. The funniest part was Pipe’s ramblings in Sanskrit whenever he forgot his lines, plain hilarious. Aadi and Varma were hilarious too, the little kids loved Aadi’s Yama’s Messenger act! Anyway, yeah, I could go on about everyone but what made me think of this was that today Sundar (our mridangam dude, totally expert, him and Arundhathi, go see their shows sometime), yeah so Sundar, he tells me that we showed on some local Tamil channel. Yay! If I’d known we were on TV, I would have had “HI MOM!” painted on my chest. Nah, I wouldn’t have, but I would’ve liked to. Here’s a little photo of the show which I managed to get out of the Indian Express (October 10, City Express):

BA - Play - Chinmaya

So anyway, after our show, this dude Cary was picking out the winners for the raffle with us MCC crowd making a ruckus in the corner over every win. I nearly managed to fool everyone into thinking I was a girl named Amrita and after accepting my prize and giving my acceptance speech I was ready to go back to my seat but the real Amrita’s friends landed up and pinched my rightful prize. Ah well, next time, next time…

Oh and they gave us surplus women’s talcum powder, those nice folks. I liked the abundance of ‘refreshments’ better though. Very hospitable folks. Real hospitable folks.

29 thoughts on “A funny little photo – Bhagavad Ajjukam

  1. Amrita, o Amrita…
    Wherefore art thou Amrita…

    I loved the way we caused havoc when that Cary guy called out the names… So hilarious…
    Till that band appeared and we just ran out of the hall as noisily as we could :D

  2. Hehehe… No I won’t. I’m not that cruel to my friends.
    Worry not, Amrita. I’m not that blood lusty anymore.
    (Had my fill here in Deutschland :D)

  3. Did you see the wonderful blood lusty pic of me and Gitanjali? THAT was vampiric.
    We edited one of our weird pictures and made it all evil. Sadly we were told we looked better in the manipulation than in real life… Sigh.

  4. Oh no, not you and your funny pictures. It doesn’t matter, they’ve seen me when I’ve been blown out of my mind. Just not when I’ve got a gollum haircut.

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