Kontroll – A surreal subterranean story

It’s weird, it really is. The whole movie is set underground, in the stations and tunnels of the Budapest subway, with the lead characters being the ticket collectors. It’s a story about ticket collectors, really. The people in the movie are kind of weird, they treat the ticket examiners like scum, and just push them away on their way out of the station. Sometimes they fight the ticket collectors and win, and sometimes they make fun of them and run away, and other times they just ignore the poor fellows. It looks like a sad life, what a job!

There’s drunks, suits, pimps, mischievous travellers – oh, and there’s also women in pinkish bear costumes who does acts of kindness. The main characters are Bulcz├║’s team, and each member of that team has some idiosyncrasy or the other. The funniest of the whole lot is the incredibly dense Tibi. The first half of the movie is mostly descriptive, but the real action starts after a while and then the movie starts to center around Bulcz├║ and what he does underground (he lives there, never going up).

It’s hilarious and disturbing, this movie, and the ending is rather … confusing. But if you put your mind to it you can probably think up a plausible explanation. Very nice. Very neat.

Some screencaps:
1. Cut-throat competition? Check.
2. The inevitable crowd

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