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I like online quizzes, they reinforce your inflated opinion of yourself :) It was Marc’s smart-ass idea to start with. Well, here are my results, like:

  • online dating. I’ve got to admit I have no clue who started Myspace. Heck, I can’t even visit it, I seem to be in a banned ip range :D

  • . Yeah, I got confused somewhere. Embarrassing. But I swear occurrence is occurrence and not occurence or whatever. I think

  • 68% Geek. This was rigged, I use a Unix-like system by default, and I also broke a laptop trying to fix something else. I’ll try fixing the broke part again in a couple of days. :D

  • 31%. No weapons, no nothing, but I swear the power-drill will help. That and, apparently sticking to a leader helps :) I have to admit, you’re tempted to say you wouldn’t drive across town to your loved ones. I think I would, but I answered yes anyway and also swore to shoot them right in the forehead if they turn into a zombie. Nah, can’t do that either. So revised down from 41% to 31%.

  • JustSayHi - Science Quiz. Okay, this is real sad. Eight Grade Science?! I’m almost ashamed to show this. So it isn’t sedimentary rock, fine.

My favourites are the IQ tests which give you super high scores, and also the other ones that don’t even ask for your age. Those are crazy. I must find those sometime, sure cure for despondency.

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